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RFID Based Assets Inventory Solution

Increase accuracy and save time with RFID solution

Thanks to RFID Technology, it’s now possible to accurately track inventory in real time with fully automated tools that offer greater efficiency, accountability, and management capabilities. No matter the amount of inventory or the size of the warehouse, RFID helps streamline operations while saving money.

RFID inventory solution provides a real-time visibility of inventory and tracking movement of assets. The solution consists of RFID tags, RFID readers, and inventory management web application along with a mobile app. The mobile app is developed on both android and iOS platforms to scan the items. The web application keeps every log of asset movement.

Features Overview

  • Inventory & Tracking

    Real-time inventory quantities, current location, and movement history.

  • Print RFID Tags

    Serialize or print your RFID tags with ease using handheld scanners, and RFID Printers.

  • Encode RFID

    Tags Encode RFID tags on an encoder or handheld devices.

  • Multi-User System

    Create user roles, and provide access to specific pages and functions.

  • RFID Transfer Slips / Dispatching

    Become 200% more efficient by doing RFID transfer. As shipments come in, they will be received with ease and audited.

  • Automatic Transfer Slips

    If assets are moved to another location without a transfer slip, the system auto detects the transfer and auto creates a slip.

  • Theft / Unauthorized Alerts

    Assets which have not been sold, transferred-out, or white-listed, can set off an alert on door mechanism and email.

  • Stock Take / Inventory Cycle Count

    Perform inventory cycle count or stock take operations with ease, find out how accurate your inventory is.

  • Multi-Location

    Access the inventory of all of your organization locations from the same dashboard.

  • Unauthorized Zone

    Assets / Personnel detected in unauthorized zones can set off alerts.

  • Automated Replenishment Alerts

    Set the expected quantities, and receive real-time replenishment alerts which can be configured as per you need.

  • Reports

    Many existing reports are available, and custom reports are accommodated quickly.

  • Cloud Server

    The solution is available on the cloud so no need to setup your own servers and networks to host the application. Use from anyplace anywhere; all you will need is an internet connection.

  • Integration

    Integrates easily with other software using API’s, and CSV files. Integrate with your existing ERP, WMS or Retail Solutions such as Shopify.

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Benefits in Summary


RFID-based inventory solutions include improved accuracy, reduced labor costs, and increased efficiency. RFID technology can provide real-time visibility into inventory levels and movement, which can help companies optimize their supply chain operations and reduce the risk of stockouts or overstocks.

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