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DreamzCMMS Automated Reorder Alert

DreamzCMMS gives an accurate picture of any inventory in real time through the automated digital process of stock required for maintenance activities.

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A company’s ability to achieve operational efficiency depends on having the right inventory items at the right time. As a result, employees can easily get access to the required parts when performing any maintenance work. Thus, it is necessary to maintain the right stock levels (quantities) in the inventory.

This improves resolution time and reduces maintenance downtime. Maintaining the right stock level in the inventory requires reordering the right parts at the right time for a timely replenishment. Setting up reorder levels for each item triggers an alert for replenishment whenever inventory dips below the threshold value.

How to Set Reorder Levels in DreamzCMMS

The steps below will guide you through setting reorder levels for inventory items:

Choosing an Item for Reorder Level

Select an item from the inventory to establish the reorder level. Additionally, one can register / create new items and set reorder levels for them.

Set Reorder Quantity

After the item has been identified, one needs to determine the minimum threshold of that item that should always be in the inventory to run the operation smoothly. Reorder Quantity represents the threshold quantity beyond which an RFQ (Request For Quote) will automatically be generated and an alert will be triggered for the procurement process to begin. If any open RFQ is already present for an item, in that case one will receive only an alert to begin the procurement process for that item. The reorder quantity for the item in the generated RFQ is always defined at the initial stage while the business is being set up in the item details page.

Get Reports for items below Reorder Levels

You will also be able to view reports that list the items below reorder level based on their set reorder levels. This helps in identifying the items in the inventory that need to be procured.

The Automated Reorder Level of DreamzCMMS allows you to maintain your inventory stocks at an optimal level, so your maintenance activities always remain uninterrupted.

Benefits of Reorder Alerts by DreamzCMMS

Reduce the risk of inventory shortages, that can impact maintenance activities and consequently the production process.
Automated alerts help to eliminate human error & time constraints for procurement by keeping all informed about changes in stock levels.
Receive reorder level alerts at the right moment and achieve better operational control.
Organize inventory and know when stocks are about to run out, so that procurement is always on time.

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