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DreamzCMMS – Easy Incident Report

DreamzCMMS offers a Digital way of Incident Management and helps in automating the process. Create, view, and track tickets for various kinds of incidents, such as requests, problems, and changes from anywhere, anytime.

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With an effective incident reporting system, any user can easily report incidents pertaining to assets or other issues. With enough chances of manual error, it is difficult to track incident tickets with a pen and paper-based manual process, and is nearly impossible to categorize the incident tickets too.

Incidents can easily and correctly be reported and managed through the DreamzCMMS Web/ Mobile App that lets users perform Incident Reporting along with image and video tagging in just a few clicks.

Tickets can be raised either by the end user through the request portal or by any authorized user via the web/mobile platform. Once tickets are created, they can be converted into work orders. The conversion of incident tickets into work orders takes place automatically by pre-defined rules within the DreamzCMMS App. One can even create the corresponding Work Orders manually through DreamzCMMS.

How to Create Incident Tickets with DreamzCMMS

View Assigned Assets

In this step, one identifies the assets which have been assigned to the individual. Upon identification of assets, incident tickets can be raised against them.

An Incident ticket can even be raised for any issue not pertaining to an Asset.

Identify Type of Incident

The next step is to determine the type of incident to be created. 

There are three main types of incidents:
  • Request: Typically, this is an incident involving a general request.
  • Problem: Report of an issue identified as a problem, with or without assets.
  • Change Request: This involves the replacement of a part or the entire asset that has been assigned to the technician.

Create Incident Tickets

Post identification of the type of incident, one can raise an incident ticket by furnishing the details of the incident. A request ticket can be raised in various ways, from the request portal by any users or from DreamzCMMS Web/Mobile App. Anyone having access to DreamzCMMS can enter an Incident on any requestor’s behalf and record the mode of reporting like web form, email, phone call etc. The tickets can be prioritized based on the need and assigned to the employees accordingly.

Track Incident Tickets

Stakeholders can track incident tickets in real-time by monitoring the status changes. Information regarding tickets is always transparent, providing clarity to all the stakeholders.

Report Incidents through Mobile App

Using DreamzCMMS Mobile App, one can quickly and easily create service requests and capture images and link them to the equipment.

DreamzCMMS helps in achieving operational efficiency by allowing access into the Incident Management Module from anywhere and anytime.

Benefits of Managing Incident Tickets with DreamzCMMS

Keeping track of an incident in real-time boosts efficiency, customer satisfaction, self-service & reduces workload.
The ability to create & manage incident tickets from anywhere and any time considerably improves the end user satisfaction quotient.
DreamzCMMS helps to retain historical data regarding the entire incident life cycle, which facilitates in meeting regulatory requirements and compliances.
Logging of incident tickets with all the relevant details saves valuable business hours.

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