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Asset Warranty Tracking

Significant savings can be realized by maximizing the benefits of Asset Warranties. This can be done either by recovering costs that your organization has incurred while performing warranty repairs or by avoiding the recurring costs by having the vendor or manufacturer perform the repair.

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Most of the new, rebuilt, or remanufactured assets will carry some warranty against defects or failures. Full warranty coverage such as “bumper to bumper warranty” comes with new vehicles. Here the condition for warranty is, full coverage for two years or 50,000 miles, whichever is earlier.

Component coverage covers specific parts or components of an asset for e.g. the coverage for the engine of a vehicle is either 1 year or 25,000 miles, whichever is earlier.

5 ways in which DreamzCMMS Asset Tracking helps

Digital mode of asset tracking provides smarter opportunities compared to the offline mode, as claimed by CMMS. Asset tracking is very significant in maintenance management as it efficiently executes actions like auditing, scanning, physical verification, etc. Asset tracking helps in easy execution of DreamzCMMS:

Asset Warranty Tracking

Keep a track of all the assets, Need not pay exorbitant fees on repairing and save money on both labor and tools. Even order parts which are covered under the warranty right from the web / mobile application itself.

Warranty Documentation

Easily store and quickly find documents regarding the assets covered under warranty. DreamzCMMS helps to manage different warranty agreements all in one place. So, OEM can easily be ordered for repairing services based on the actual Warranty or maintenance contract.

Active Warranty Display

DreamzCMMS Smart Asset Warranty Tracking shows all active asset warranties in just a click. It provides a precise filtering option of warranty documents.  A single click allows one to get all the information regarding the tools which are out of warranty.


DreamzCMMS sends alerts whenever an asset warranty is about to expire. Users receive warranty expiration reminders and information regarding the maintenance and upgradation of assets before the expiry of warranty.

Warranty Status Tracking

DreamzCMMS manages warranties and helps to track them in the simplest of ways.

Considering the vast benefits of using DreamzCMMS asset warranty tracking tools, users can opt for it to perform maintenance work and manage assets with absolute ease and total safety.

Benefits of DreamzCMMS Asset Warranty Tracking

Validated Warranty
When a work order is created, tagged assets are validated for warranty.
Customizable Configuration
Once a work is finished one can use a custom template to print work order with the details and submit for reimbursement.
Controlled Maintenance Cost
DreamzCMMS tracks warranty and reminds when a maintenance work order is outsourced to the OEM or the Supplier thus  saving additional maintenance costs.

Asset Lifecycle Management

Integration Matters

DreamzCMMS is connected to some of the best software platforms in the industry


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