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DreamzCMMS – Partial / Full Goods Receipt

DreamzCMMS provides the functionality to receive and register items in the inventory. This feature allows users to receive a partial or a complete fulfillment of ordered items against any purchase order.

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A goods receipt is the note of acceptance of goods into the inventory from a supplier / vendor. The goods receipt contains the information of the items. It shows how many were ordered versus how many have been received from the vendor, which is extremely useful for the confirmation of the receipt of items from the vendor.

One has the option to receive a certain percentage of ordered items in one inventory(Inventory A) and the remaining in the other(Inventory B). This allows distribution of ordered items among inventories according to the demand.

How Partial / Full Receipt of Goods works with DreamzCMMS

Identify Approved Purchase Orders

It is necessary to view and identify the approved purchase orders for creating receipts. Purchase orders need to be selected based on the delivery dates of the items.
From a RFQ we can create a single PO (if the same supplier is selected for all the items) or Multiple PO (if different suppliers are selected for different items).

Create Full Receipt

This type of receipt needs to be created if the vendor delivers items to a single location (inventory). By providing the details of the actual number of items received, one can create a goods receipt for all the items that have been procured. The receipt document shows the number of ordered items along with the number of items that have been received in the inventory. This is entirely recorded in the system for all future references.

Create Multi-Delivery Location / Partial Receipt

This type of receipt is needed when the items are delivered from the vendor to multiple locations (inventories). Here, one can create a receipt for each location (inventory). In this case, the receipt document will contain information regarding where, what and quantity of items received in each of the locations.

Update Inventory Stocks in the System

Once the items are received, they are added to the inventory stocks on a real-time basis and the stakeholders are notified.

DreamzCMMS Partial and Full Goods Receipt feature helps in receiving items in real-time, resulting in smooth and transparent procurement of inventory items.

Benefits of Partial / Full Goods Receipt of DreamzCMMS

The goods receipt of the supplied items is produced instantly, thus decreasing the payment authorization time for the vendors.
It reduces the risk of receiving faulty / damaged goods as one can specify how many items have been received after an inspection.
Real-time receipt of items & inventory updates reduces the chances of loss & theft of items.
With the partial delivery mechanism, it is possible to divide the receipt of items from a single order among multiple locations, based on the business needs.

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