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Outsourced Maintenance

Many businesses outsource their maintenance service requirements for various reasons. It has always been a challenge to find an expert maintenance staff. With outsourced maintenance services, it is possible for businesses to utilize additional labor optimally whenever required.

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With major maintenance activities being outsourced to external vendors, it is of utmost importance to track and manage their work and performance. Keeping track of basic parameters like response and resolution time, performance quality and end user satisfaction is extremely important.

DreamzCMMS Maintenance management module helps to manage all maintenance activities within the organization including those which are assigned or linked to the maintenance vendors. It manages the activities centrally, encompassing both Internal and external technicians.

How DreamzCMMS helps in managing Outsourced Maintenance Activities and is beneficial for the entire maintenance operations

Manage Vendors

DreamCMMS allows the addition of maintenance vendors and their technicians to the system along with all the relevant and statutory documents such as certificates and also assign maintenance tasks most efficiently.

Assign Tasks

Maintenance tasks are assigned to the outsourced technicians or vendors through DreamzCMMS Work Order Management, making the entire allocation and maintenance activity transparent to all stakeholders.

Track Additional Cost

Allows tracking of additional costs associated with the outsourced maintenance work. Technicians can even log costs incurred during maintenance of parts, labor costs, travel, etc

Outsource Technician Work

Outsourced technicians can view the entire maintenance work flow within DreamzCMMS, and update the work orders with all the relevant details, completion notes and evidence pertaining to the job done.

Access Job Information

Availability of maintenance related information in DreamzCMMS makes it easy for the managers to oversee the jobs and be aware of the status of any tasks at any point of time.

Process Order through Mobile App

DreamzCMMS, with its easy accessibility from anywhere, anytime along with the automated notification and alert feature, helps in seamless communication with the outsourced maintenance vendors. This increases efficiency in all related areas and keeps all stakeholders informed at all times.

DreamzCMMS helps any organization to manage their outsourced maintenance vendors and activities effectively. This allows users to focus on the core business while the outsourced maintenance activities get managed and executed quite smoothly.

Benefits of Outsourced Maintenance

Increased Production Efficiency
By outsourcing maintenance activities, a skilled maintenance technician is fully focused on getting the machine up and running again. This ensures that maintenance is completed on time and with a high level of perfection.
Lesser needs to manage Personnel
Since outsourced partners are not your employees, one isn’t responsible for training or managing them. That part is completely taken care of by the outsourced company, allowing you to focus on one’s core competencies.
Fewer Resource Tasks
With outsourced personnel, one doesn’t need to train or hire skilled technicians. This comes under the responsibilities of the maintenance outsourced company. Thus valuable resource time is freed up to focus on the employees and the core manufacturing functions.
Greater Focus on Core Tasks
When maintenance is outsourced, more time and resources can be dedicated to managing the core competencies. While maintenance and MRO tasks are an integral part of any industrial operation, even then they are not the functions that most companies have expertise in.

Benefits of Asset Life Cycle Management

Efficient Planning in utilization and maintenance of Asset.
Assist in making informed purchase order decisions.
The management will improve the quality of services (QoS)
Better understanding total cost of ownership (TCO) of an asset every time.
Making informed decisions such as when assets need to be retired or either to sell or not.

Asset Lifecycle Management

Integration Matters

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