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Property Asset and Maintenance Management Simplified

Property maintenance management software, helps you to streamline asset & maintenance management in one place

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Key Features for DreamzCMMS Property Maintenance

Property Maintenance CMMS is the best way to ensure performance with less service breakdown & better productivity

DreamzCMMS Property Maintenance Software helps in growing your business

with efficient tracking and maintenance management of the property. DreamzCMMS Property management software comes with a bouquet of features.

DreamzCMMS Property maintenance software allows you to maintain and repair the properties and its assets efficiently. Send out work orders to your maintenance team, schedule preventive maintenance, track assets, parts and supplies, build emergency preparedness plans and get accurate budgets with an all-in-one DreamzCMMS.

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As a maintenance and operations manager, you are required to maximize asset utilization, reduce operational cost, thus increasing return on investment for all the assets.

  • Effective tracking of Assets within a Property
  • Consolidated view of Property and related Asset hierarchy
  • Property Asset Performance Report
  • Scheduled maintenance of Asset within the property
  • RFID and QR Code based tracking
  • Effective tracking of the expense for maintenance and time tracking
  • Real time Property Asset Inventory and Depreciation calculation
  • Update Tenants on their complaints
  • IOT integration automates condition based work order generation
  • Intelligent data driven reporting

Frequent Challenges Faced in Property Maintenance

DreamzCMMS, a comprehensive maintenance management software, helps to streamline Property asset management & maintenance in one place for real estate and facilities.

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  • Need for a centralized system to easily manage labor costs, janitorial supplies, energy efficiencies, repair parts, drawings, etc.
  • Unexpected damage may occur due to lack of management in the maintenance activities
  • Without a centralized automated maintenance and property asset
  • Management system, managing suppliers and vendors to work within a property becomes difficult.
  • Unavailability of real-time information due to manual processes
  • Tedious activity of feeding data into multiple sheets or documents and to also track and maintain those.
  • Traditional methods of maintaining work orders results in poor cost and time management.
  • Tracking their work and performance within the property becomes even more
  • Difficult with manual processes.
  • Manual entry of complaints and service requests may cause tampering of the request information, leading to operational failure

Get Snapshot Of Your Property on Dashboard

  • The dashboard is designed to give you an overview of your property
  • Get a Bird-eye view on key parameters and other details in a single click
  • View of downtime, delay, Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF),
  • Mean Time To Repair (MTTR), breakdowns and expenditure of labors, parts & vendors
  • View of total number of overdue, emergency, open & closed and unassigned work orders
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View & Manage Properties In A Single Click

  • Manage all your properties over the globe in a single click
  • View and edit details of the properties with floor plans and others information
  • View properties and assets within it in an intuitive hierarchical drill down view
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Easily Add A New Property

  • Add new properties with a couple of clicks and allocate personnels to it.
  • Once properties are added to your account and you can now add assets to the property
  • Also it can create priority, details, assign technician, asset, location, details and uploading files
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View & Track Work Orders

  • View and track maintenance work orders related to your property and assets
  • Create scheduled maintenance activities in order to avoid unexpected failures
  • Work Orders are created automatically through predefined scheduled maintenances
  • You can also create work orders from incident or requests received from tenants
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View & Manage Complaints and Services Requests

  • Tenants can raise complaints and service requests
  • Tenants can create a request with single clicks and providing details
  • View and track details of a requests and keep tenants informed
  • Complaints can be transformed into work orders and assigned to technicians to fix
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Manage Property Assets

  • View and manage assets in your property
  • View details like assets assigned to, name, location, asset details and status
  • Label your assets for easy identification and tracking with Barcode, QR Codes and RFID
  • Track Asset Movement within the property premises
  • Track your assets condition and depreciated value in real-time
  • Create planned, scheduled and preventive maintenance work orders for the asset maintenance
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Use Your Team Effectively and Efficiently

  • View and Schedule on Work Orders Calendar
  • Track Technicians tasks, costs, parts and other work order related details on each work order
  • Collect proof of work with images and videos
  • Access floor plan to easily locate equipment and tools
  • Get alerts and notifications on the mobile app when work is assigned
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Get an edge, use IoT and Blockchain

  • Use IoT sensors to prevent mishaps from happening
  • Connected sensors on equipments can send alerts on parameter breaches
  • Use the IoT Sensors to log incidents and use work orders for inspection and corrections
  • Create rules and use workflow to automate process
  • Get records security with blockchain and proof of validation during audits
  • Use Blockchain based smart contracts to initiate actions based on set parameters
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Benefits of Facility Management Software

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Integration Matters

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