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7 reasons why Healthcare sector is switching to CMMS

Published On January 21, 2022     |     5 Min Read

why healthcare sector switch to CMMS

When reduction in budgets and increase in competition are the norm of the day, hospitals need to work at optimal efficiency to stay compliant and competitive. Switching to a state-of-the-art CMMS is the most convenient way for healthcare organizations to streamline efficiency of operations and boost profits. Efficient CMMS solutions will also ensure compliance with continuously changing regulations, laws, policies etc. Here are 7 important reasons why the healthcare sector is switching to CMMS.

1. Risk mitigation

The Internet of Things (IoT) interconnects computing devices that integrates with daily use objects, which allows them to receive and send data. IoT sensors are integrated with critical assets at Healthcare facilities. These  sensors like HVAC, Water leakage and other sensors with the aid of defined thresholds that are specified in a sophisticated healthcare CMMS. It can help in avoiding downtime by predicting potential failures. With a preventive maintenance program in place, it is possible for the companies to save manyfolds of what reactive maintenance can ensure in terms of downtime savings.

2. Regulatory compliance

With state-of-the-art healthcare CMMS systems in place, compliance tasks can be automated by setting up notifications, organizing important documents for each asset, tracking a repair history log, scheduling routine maintenance etc. It is possible to organize ID tags, spec sheets, equipment manuals etc. for every asset.

It can improve the rate of compliance as well as make audits and inspections much easier, by documenting and making everything accessible easily.

3. Knowing the total ownership costs

With a CMMS system including asset management, exclusively designed for Healthcare management, it is easier to manage an asset for its entire life cycle. The Asset life cycle  includes  from the stages of assessment to final disposition, including the phases of support and acquisition.

This is the only way of actually knowing the total cost of ownership of medical assets and taking steps to reduce the same.

4. Digitizing records

In the modern healthcare business environment, it has become a norm to maintain digital records. Food management for patients, procurement activities, personnel records, upcoming events visibility, patient records etc. – all of these need to be fulfilled, submitted and retained in a digital format.

With the help of digitization, user can store records safely and access easily – whenever needed.

5. Streamlining clinical and biomedical engineering operations

There is a need for efficient management of confidential data and medical equipment in Healthcare facilities. In case of any inefficiency in biomedical equipment management, liability risks may increase. And also it affects on the productivity.

A modern digital CMMS add values beyond work order and documentation management. With a sophisticated Healthcare CMMS software, streamlining of clinical management functions and biomedical asset maintenance operations becomes easy.

Thus it ensures the availability of Biomedical equipment and its optimal performance through a well designed maintenance planning. A modern CMMS helps in achieving streamlining of the equipment.

6. Proper management of labor

Using CMMS software user can track the job status as well as the labor hours. It has option to monitor every smaller tasks of a task group. Healthcare facility managers can generate maintenance schedules using CMMS. They can plan and assign Critical maintenance tasks and monitor every phases.

Some of the customized features are there in order to suit healthcare industry specific requirements. Preventive maintenance tasks can be implemented to reduce effort as well as time consumption.

7. Inventory Control

Using CMMS, it is easier to know the location and availability of machine components as well as other supplies. User can scan QR Code of an asset and get the availability facility wise. There is option to quick purchase requisition if stock unavailable or below the Reorder quantity level.

Exclusive DreamzCMMS features for Healthcare Industry

DreamzCMMS features are designed to suit the specific requirements of the healthcare sector. Your CMMS investment can fetch a number of benefits. It increased profits, streamlined work management, better patient experience, while avoiding liabilities, errors and legal issues. DreamzCMMS, provides easy to use process for preventive maintenance tasks that will reduce both effort and time. To know more about our exclusive CMMS features contact us today.


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