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RFID Solution simplifies the asset inventory and reduces tracking time

Published On March 10, 2023     |     5 Min Read

RFID Inventory tracking at warehouse

Client is Colombia based leading reseller company that deals with thousands of laboratory equipment and spare parts. They need to track the In & out inventory during purchase and sale. And the inventory tracking for them became time consuming but with manual error. So they started using RFID retail Inventory solutions to overcome inventory tracking problems.


The company was manually tracking their asset equipment and parts which were coming into their warehouse on purchase and moving out for sale to the retail shops. And it was a challenge for them to track all those items in both cases. As it was truly a cumbersome and time taking task to manage how many of them are dispatched or moved from their warehouse and returned back as well.. Henceforth the need was to manage all those inventory items moving in and out from warehouse to retail shop every day. Also they have after sales service which needs recurring maintenance for their customer. So they planned to use any software solution to help them in quick tracking and inventory because with the business growing, the number of tracking items was getting increased and manual tracking became next to impossible for them.


The customer contacted DreamzCMMS, detailed the requirements & pain points of their current inventory tracking. The DreamzCMMS consultant team suggested both RFID hardware and software solutions to them including the RFID label printer. They selected DreamzCMMS after a successful demonstration and found easy to use RFID based item enquiry and dispatch.

Easy onboarding

Only 3 hours training makes them comfortable with a platform to understand and execute as per their Floor Manager. Our team collected the asset details and made remote training sessions.  DreamzCMMS team analyzed customer asset data  and coordinated with the client team to upload asset data as per their requirement.

After the preliminary sessions, the client downloaded the readily available templates to prepare for importing existing inventory into the system. Using the CSV import, they added over 10,000+ inventory items in the application within a few minutes.

Tagging Inventory Items with RFID and Serialization

Once the Product categorization and warehouse location creation were done, Clients uniquely serialized using the RFID scanner and labeled with an RFID tag. Using the RFID handheld scanners and fixed line scanners they are now able to track their inventory movement, dispatch , items in-transit and receive; all using the DreamzCMMS RFID inventory tracking app. 

Perform Inventory Activities

Using RFID App, the client can now manage asset inventory efficiently in very minimum time. Previously the inventory activities like stock taking, inventory counting, issuing item stocks, receiving stocks etc. was time consuming and remained prone to human error. DreamzCMMS RFID inventory tracking solutions provided them effortless and reduced human error. 

The client can now perform a bulk scan to count available items, easily identify misplaced items, reconciliations and more. Client can also make enquiry for items rightly available, should have been available but not found and additional items found with clear demarcations. 

Track the Inventory Movement

Clients now stock out the items from warehouse to retail shop and if any item returns in that case they are tracking with quick scans. Using the Dispatch feature, the user creates a list of items ready to dispatch through bulk scan. When dispatched, the system provides the report of items which are in-transit. In-transit dispatches can be easily tracked throughout the delivery process. At the retail shops the users scanned those items  again to validate and accept. 

Throughout the journey the allocated user of warehouses and retail shops are scanning using RFID scanners in 2 – 3 minutes, scan data is captured perfectly and produced for complete tracking and tracing.

After Sales Maintenance Service

Client  provides after sales equipment maintenance services. For each of their customers they created separate facilities. They created scheduled maintenance for those so that they get notified about the preventive maintenance work order and assigned to the technicians to start maintenance. Also if any sudden problem arises, their customer reported issues using the request portal. They convert the request into work order to solve the issues. The technician team goes over the customer location, does the work and updates the job status. At the end they take the customer signature and upload the completion images, added notes as a document of work order. Their customers are  happy with the prompt service. 

Ready Reports of total journey of Asset  Tracking 

DreamzCMMS system has 120 readily available reports in respect of different modules and 10 different dashboards. These reports and dashboards help  the client to view details of every aspect of their asset location wise and inventory management of those. Some of the Reports like Asset Movement Summary and Asset Transaction Log provide complete traceability of asset journey through its lifecycle. These intelligent reports give the auditor a transparent visibility of overall asset inventory.


Business Benefits Achieved

Global players rely on DreamzCMMS to run their Asset Management & Maintenance Operations

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