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Retail Food Chains company reduces 60% reactive maintenance costs

Published On April 18, 2022     |     5 Min Read

Food retail chain company reduces reactive maintenance

A fast food retail chain company owning hundreds of outlets relied mainly on reactive maintenance. So any fix at their equipment, mainly recorded and processed over phone in papers and sometimes in spreadsheets.


The company realized how much they are spending yearly on maintenance operations. And yet they are losing valuable time everyday due to breakdowns and unavailability of required parts for maintenance. The senior management decided to improve their maintenance strategy and plan. So they implemented a Computerized Maintenance Management Solution and hired a consultant for procuring a futuristic CMMS Solution.


The company, after evaluating many CMMS Solutions, zeroed in on DreamzCMMS for its Cloud based Web and Mobile Solution to move from reactive to scheduled and preventive maintenance.  

After their free trial period the consultant and their maintenance team found DreamzCMMS easy to understand and user-friendly. With training and helping them with implementation, they added one of their food outlets and kitchens as facilities. Then they added equipment, maintenance team, parts and supplies and began with the work requests and assigning work orders.

Single Command Center for all facilities

During the setup, the food retail chain company added all their outlets and kitchens as facilities in DreamzCMMS. They added their equipment in a hierarchy and included their parts and tools too. With complete setup, they were able to see all the added details in a consolidated hierarchical view in a centralized dashboard. They also uploaded Floor Plans and pin-point equipment and critical areas on it. So that they can access instantly when required. They also labeled their equipment with unique serialized QR Codes printed from DreamzCMMS.

Efficient Planning and Scheduling Routine Inspections

After setting up, what came next was to plan maintenance. The food retail chain company identified their most frequently broken assets and critical equipment and put them on routine inspections in a predetermined interval set for each asset.

Schedule maintenance is also planned for equipment on the maintenance calendar and also in time-intervals like biweekly or monthly. They carefully documented what activities the technicians need to perform. And added them on the maintenance checklist and attached them to work orders created for inspections and maintenance.

The checklist helped them to keep track of all the necessary activities a technician should perform. And it record the findings for analysis and keeping historical records for audits and compliance.

Utilizing Mobility Solution for Maintenance

Using DreamzCMMS Mobile App technicians can access their assigned work order and receive update notifications. This helped them streamline their entire maintenance process. 

With DreamzCMMS Mobile App, they can find asset pin-points on floor plan maps. Technician can scan QR labels using their phone’s camera to find asset historical records. The mobile app helps them easily accept the work order. They update status while they are remotely working. Also it helps in recording videos and capturing images after maintenance and submit as proof of completion.

Streamlining Procurement and MRO Inventory

The company previously did not have proper inventory tracking of all the parts and supplies items they used for maintenance. Most items were procured and records were kept in spreadsheets and papers. This didn’t help them with keeping the inventory up to date with their requirements of parts and supplies.

After implementation of DreamzCMMS, they added their suppliers and added inventory items. Initially to build their existing inventory, they added available quantities in hand by doing a stock-take. Inventory Management helped them to manage items they required most frequently for repair works. They also set reorder levels for each item. It alerts whenever items go beyond set level and configured workflow to create purchase requests.

This drastically reduced the turnaround time for replenishment and helped them reduce time to fix.

Measuring Performance and Analytics 

With scheduled plans, they minimized on demand work order and relied mainly on scheduled and preventive maintenance.

DreamzCMMS keeps track of all downtime records, online and offline flags updated. Also, it tracks number of work orders planned and created on demand. All these reflects on the dashboard in charts and graphs which can be monitored in real time.

After the first 4 months of implementation, they reduced reactive maintenance by 25% which made everyone happy about their effort and achievement. In the first year, they reduced reactive maintenance by over 60% which justified their return on investment. 

Meet Statutory Compliance

The client is required to ensure adherence to applicable statutory laws and regulations such as OSHA. They need to provide maintenance and inspection records as evidence.

Technicians can access the maintenance records, inspections and corrective actions taken earlier. They easily compiled required reports to meet audit requirements and submit compliance reports. They used DreamzCMMS Maintenance Checklist to put in all the required set of tasks to record with images and videos as proof. This helps them compile reports to support statutory requirements.


Business Benefits Achieved

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