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Retail Chains improves customer experience and regulates maintenance operations with PM

Published On March 8, 2022     |     5 Min Read

Retail chain improves maintenance operations

A retail chain owning hundreds of retail outlets manages its maintenance operations with improved work order management and preventive maintenance.


The company was facing challenges in keeping up their ever growing maintenance needs. Their mission is to provide exceptional customer experience. They are focused to adapt and evolve using technology to meet new challenges and take advantage of it. The company was looking to upgrade to a smart and intelligent CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management Solution) platform which can improve their maintenance operations and provide them a consolidated view of maintenance activities.


The company chose DreamzCMMS for its Cloud based Web and Mobile Solution which supports IoT Sensor for proactive monitoring and preventive maintenance.  During their free trial period their maintenance team and technicians found it easy to understand and user-friendly. They easily added one of their shops and added equipment, maintenance team, parts and supplies and began with the work requests and assigning work orders.

After the end of their trial period, they started with one of their zones in the 1st leg of the implementation. DreamzCMMS Implementation team, worked with them to onboard assets, equipment, parts, vendors and created floor plans for shops.

Consolidating Multiple Shop Locations in Single Dashboard

During the setup, the company added all their retail outlets as facilities in DreamzCMMS. Also they added their equipment in a hierarchy and included their parts and tools as Components BOM (Bill of Materials).

After the setup completes, they were able to see all the added details in a consolidated hierarchical view in a centralized dashboard. They also tagged equipment on Floor Plans uploaded for each of their facilities which can be easily accessible once requires. They also labeled their equipment with unique serialized QR Codes printed from DreamzCMMS.

Easy and User friendly Mobility Solution

The company asked their technicians to install DreamzCMMS Mobile App on their phone. Using the mobile-app technicians can access their assigned work order and receive update notifications.  This helped them streamline their entire maintenance process. 

With DreamzCMMS Mobile App, they can scan labeled QR codes on equipment and access complete asset history. The app helped them to get real-time information about work orders, inventory, purchase information. As well as they can access assets, floor plans, warranty details and more on mobile device. Having asset and maintenance operations information on fingertips, collaboration across teams became easy, efficient and proved to be more productive. 

Tracking Performance and KPIs

Eliminating potential work hazards and incidents are a priority for the company to keep track across all their retail outlets. The company tracks incidents and identifies potential areas for such incidents and resolves them beforehand. The technicians also track equipment wear and tear with routine inspections. Warranty tracking ensures they’re getting the most out of their warranties. As a result, tracking warranty status is a must.

Tracking KPIs such as meantime between failures and repair, average downtime etc leads to better analyzing and preparing for a more efficient maintenance plan.

Preventive Schedule Maintenance and Automation

The company has recently retrofitted the HVAC system to reduce their energy costs and minimize repair costs.  They configured scheduled maintenance of critical equipment on manufacturer-recommended intervals. The initial schedule of maintenance was prepared and scheduled on calendar. Technicians were notified on the due date. Maintenance Triggers enable automation where tasks for preventive maintenance creates automatically and assignes to technicians. It reduces communication time and automates the whole process.

Preventive maintenance setup is configurable with time-based triggers. For other equipment, weekly, biweekly and monthly routine inspections and servicing activities were scheduled. On the due date, technicians would get the notifications on the mobile app.  After completion of their activities, they would capture photos and videos, add completion notes, defects found etc and close the work order. These ensure that the assets perform optimally  through their lifespan.

Optimizing Inventory 

Just-in-time inventory management costs more as parts require for maintenance are not-available and since pandemic global supply chains have increased supply and demand fulfillment cycle.

This created a major problem in procuring Just-in-time inventory items and increased time to fix due to unavailability of required inventory. The company started using DreamzCMMS Inventory Management to manage items they required most frequently for repair works. They also set reorder levels for each item. System alerts whenever they go beyond set level and configured workflow to create purchase requests.

This drastically reduced the turnaround time for replenishment and helped them reduce time to fix.

Meet Statutory Compliance

The client is required to ensure adherence to applicable statutory laws and regulations such as OSHA. They also need to provide maintenance operations and inspection records.

With Maintenance records, inspections and corrective actions taken and recorded by technicians, they easily compiled required reports to meet audit requirements and submit compliance reports. They used DreamzCMMS Maintenance Checklist feature to put in all the required set of tasks to record with images and videos as proof. This helps them compile reports to support statutory requirements.


Business Benefits Achieved

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