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What is Maintenance KPI

Published On January 11, 2022     |     5 Min Read

what is KPI

As a Maintenance Manager to review the performance of a department of your organization, you need to refer to the maintenance Key Performance Indicator(KPI) and also to the metrics that provide the performance report related to maintenance. A manager can never obtain a holistic idea about the performance of his maintenance team manually. A continuous action, performance and efficiency of the maintenance team can be measured by using KPI and its metrics. 

Calculating the KPI metrics would guide you to measure consistency in performance and identify areas of improvement. The trend of maintenance analysis has evolved over the last ten years. Advanced technologies help in data analytics and interpretation enabling effective decision making. New maintenance metrics have come up like Overall Equipment Effectiveness(OEE), Mean Time to Repair(MTTR), Mean Time to Failure (MTTF), Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) etc.. Every industry use all these metrics for measurement purposes. If an organization have proper data then only management can take decisions like, employ additional technicians or increase work frequency.

What is Maintenance KPI ?

Maintenance department of every organization has a purpose to have a productive work environment in order to attain the business goal of the organization. You can focus on the objectives related to maintenance by using KPI for measuring performance. It is a quantitative parameter that determines the progress of an organization to attain its key maintenance goal over a certain period of time. Therefore the main objective of using KPI is to curtail costs, increasing uptime of the equipment and to attain an improved performance of maintenance. It gives a directional view regarding operational maintenance. Also comprises strategic metrics that help in attaining operational excellence.

What are the KPI metrics and how to calculate them?

Three common KPI metrics that provide information regarding the improvement of your maintenance strategy are:

Mean Time to Failure (MTTF) – Failure rate can be predicted using this metric as the average life time of an asset can be measured. You can also calculate the rate of failure of non-repairable and replaceable assets using MTTF. 

 MTTF = Total assets lifespan / Total no. of assets

Mean Time To Repair (MTTR) – The time taken to repair an asset after failure and then making it operational can be measured by MTTR. It gives an idea about the time taken by your company to respond to an unforeseen issue.

 MTTR = Total time required for repairing / No. of repairs done

Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) – This metrics helps to predict the mean time taken between failures of a repairable system. It is an important metric to track reliability.

 MTBF = Total lifespan of assets / no. of failures occurred

How do KPI reports help organizations?

The KPI maintenance metrics make the operation of an organization better in areas that are most important for a successful business. The 5 important ways by which KPI performance report can help an organization are:

  • Reduction in downtimeMaintenance metrics if determined would provide you with the idea about the specific cause of downtime problem. If you analyse KPI metrics like MTTR and MTBF you would know if the downtime problem is due to the process of weak work order or if it is due to any fundamental issue. This would help you to eliminate the root cause related to breakdown.
  • Reduces costKPI maintenance metrics would point out where unnecessarily money is being spent. By calculating Stock Turn Ratio (STR) you would know if you are overstocking or under stocking the inventories that in turn would help in identifying the parts that are of high and low usages respectively. You can hence maximize the budget of inventory and can also reduce the effects of breakdowns.
  • Provides a quantifiable improvement report– Evolution from traditional to Business intelligence reports like KPI can be quantifiably measured by using metrics like MTTR (low MTTR= good improvement) and ROI (increased revenue).
  • Elevation in efficiency level– By calculating Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) you would have an idea about the people, tools and procedures that have impact on production. If you have a lower OEE that implies that process failures are occurring due to standardization issues. This information helps to improve Strategies for operation systems.
  • Ensures health and safety– You can boost your preventive maintenance programs by calculating metrics like PMC and PMP. Because these metrics would improve the process of work order allowing technical staff to work fast with ease.

How does DreamzCMMS show the KPI?

Let us see how DreamzCMMS shows the KPI by generating various reports of maintenance activities. Here are some of the reports in focus:

  • Downtime 
  • MTBF
  • MTTR
  • Planned vs Unplanned
  • Amount spend for Parts & supplies
  • Operational & miscellaneous cost
  • Amount spend on Vendors
  • Amount spend on Labours
  • Total Breakdown
  • Delayed Work order reports
  • Overdue Work order
  • Total no of asset on Breakdown
  • etc.

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