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DreamzCMMS saves Time & Cost for Energy Company

Published On December 14, 2021     |     5 Min Read


Our client of Energy company was looking to diversify their renewable energy generation business globally. Their current maintenance program was not efficient enough to handle diverse maintenance operations, required to support the planned expansion. They needed a maintenance system that would allow them to easily and efficiently track labor and parts. So that it saves time and cost. 


The energy company worked mostly on a quasi-manual system used to track Assets, Asset BOM, Labor, Spare parts etc. They were managing some of which on another platform or in some cases they were bound to work with spreadsheets, pen and paper.  Rapid scaling up with business diversification would require tracking and reporting maintenance activities more efficiently. This would help them in expansion and acquiring new customers.


The management team chose DreamzCMMS Maintenance Management Software for multiple reasons. Such as availability of Mobile App, Time and Cost Tracking, Warranty Tracking, also the availability of intelligent KPIs and dashboard.

They found DreamzCMMS aligned completely with their maintenance requirements; it actually did everything the company needed it to do. Such as creating work orders on behalf of their customer and invoicing them with parts, labor costs and other misc. costs.

Quick and Easy to Implement

Maintenance teams often have technicians who are not technology-savvy. And they can be a challenge for organizations trying to implement automated maintenance management solutions.

The company found the onboarding process to be simple. DreamzCMMS team helped them to build their asset register. And set up  one site at a time and then implement the same on every other site within days. Training employees on how to use the platform was fairly straightforward; onboarding new technicians took them very less time. The team found the platform self-explanatory with available video resources, and built in step by step guide.

Streamlining Communication

Before using DreamzCMMS, most of the communication about maintenance works was handled through emails and phone calls.

DreamzCMMS helped streamline a lot of things rather than going through emails and these other disparate systems. With the ability to refer to specific stakeholders on a particular work and keep them informed through automated email and alerts on the mobile app. So the communication improves and all stakeholders including their customers. 

Efficient KPI Tracking Reduces Time, Costs

The energy company followed a cumbersome process  to track key performance indicators (KPIs) such as response time, machinery availability, mean time to failure (MTTF) and repair etc. These KPIs requires to measure as it was a part of client contracts.

Now, DreamzCMMS produces technicians a weekly timesheet. And all hours are allocated to different maintenance codes such as Warranty, Corrective, Inspections, etc. DreamzCMMS also logs KPIs automatically based on inputs into the system. For the cases when a machine is taken down to routine inspection or maintenance. When it breaks down and fixed etc. it generate reports with those on the dashboard for everyone to see.

Everything starting from tracking assets and their configurations as Parts BOM. Also tracking spare parts, and warranty becomes far more automated and streamlined, which saves a lot of time. 

The company calculated that if every engineer could save 10 minutes of time over the course of one year. It means the company would save approximately 1,000s of man hours yearly. 

Easy Scaling Up with Growth

As the energy company planned to expand their business, DreamzCMMS helped them in scaling up. They simply add the customer, build  asset hierarchy and add all the equipment, parts to it. With DreamzCMMS Integration features they recognized even greater potential with API based integrations, other enterprise platforms such as SAP. And also integration with with IoT Sensors.

DreamzCMMS has helped the client to save time and money. As a result, their costs to provide services, decreases. It gives them an opportunity to be better placing in the market with competitive offerings.


Business Benefits Achieved

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