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RFID in Retail

Improved inventory management, asset tracking, and supply chain visibility using RFID solution

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology is often used in retail inventory management to improve efficiency and accuracy.

The RFID solution features that benefits

RFID Solutions have benefited many industries, including Retail Industry, Inventory / warehouse Management, Healthcare, Personnel Tracking, and Plants and Nurseries.

  • Faster and Accurate Inventory tracking
  • Facility wise Inventory tracking
  • Theft & invalid alerts
  • RFID register & labels print
  • Real-time Stock alerts
  • Shipment / Order Auditing
  • Handheld Mobile or fixed RFID reader
  • Real-time inventory movement tracking

Fastest Inventory tracking

100s of Assets with attached RFID tags can be scanned by RFID reader devices quickly and accurately to track inventory levels. This helps retailers to know when stock is running low and to quickly replenish inventory.
It is much more accurate than traditional barcodes or manual tracking methods. This helps to reduce errors in inventory counts and can help retailers to better manage their inventory.

Asset movement & Supply chain

RFID solutions with tags can provide real-time visibility of the asset movement between warehouse and selling point. It allows businesses to identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies, and make informed decisions to improve supply chain performance.

Theft / Invalid notification

RFID tags can also be used as anti-theft devices. If a product is taken out of the store without being purchased, the RFID tag will trigger an alarm, alerting staff to the theft.

RFID label printing

DreamzCMMS generates RFID labels to print using RFID thermal printers. The web application can print all the asset RFID labels as predefined format. Our solution is compatible with various printers which includes the Z series printer of Zebra and others.

Asset serialization

DreamzCMMS provides serialization of assets. Business can generate asset RFID code from the solution and print RFID label. Or if the asset comes with the EPC then using the RFID app scan that code and register that for every individual asset. The solution has the quick serialization option using bulk serialization. The code is then recorded in a database or a system, allowing for easy tracking and management of the assets throughout their lifecycle.

Asset serialization helps businesses that own and manage a large number of assets, such as equipment, tools, or products. It allows for quick and accurate identification of each asset, making it easier to locate, track, and manage them.

Enhancing Customer Experience:

RFID is used to enable self-checkout systems, which can improve the shopping experience for customers by reducing wait times and increasing convenience.

Success story

Retail Store

RFID Solution simplifies the asset inventory and reduces tracking time

Client is Colombia based leading reseller company that deals with thousands of laboratory equipment and

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