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How CMMS Helps Agricultural Farms In Improving Processes

Published On May 6, 2022     |     5 Min Read

How CMMS helps Agribusiness

Automation is now helping agribusiness companies to increase production, safety and quality by enabling them to perform tasks that were once done manually. A business that is continually exposed to external factors that are largely uncontrollable. The climate, temperatures and fierce competition, is experiencing an increasing demand to reduce manufacturing downtime and inefficiencies. For many the agribusiness companies, the acquisition of a CMMS is ensuring the success of their operations and increasing their ROI. 

Challenges that Agribusiness Company faces

  • Difficulty In Asset Maintenance Operations: Having a clear understanding of asset uptime or the performance of technicians in the field is nearly impossible without a centralized maintenance management system. Consequently, unplanned downtimes may occur affecting planned production.
  • Failure In Terms Of Managing Maintenance Planning: Well designed maintenance strategies are essential to minimize maintenance costs and to prevent unforeseen breakdowns. In the agribusiness industry, many companies struggle to define and manage maintenance strategies from outdated software, spreadsheets or manual processes.
  • Difficulty In Accessing The Data: It becomes increasingly difficult to keep all the information up-to-date and accurate. It is due to the absence of tools that facilitate data entry into a centralized management system. Data updates not being available on time. The occurrence of errors and the loss of information caused by its dispersal among several sources of data, hamper appropriate and timely decision-making.
  • Delayed Response Time Of Incidents: Traditional methods of reporting incidents are time consuming. The phone calls or e-mails, against the responses to failures and malfunctions, results production delays.

Advantages Of Implementing CMMS

Reduction In Response Time Of Incident Reporting: CMMS gives agribusiness companies a simpler and faster way to report and manage incidents. Maintenance team can work from their computers, tablets, mobile devices and smartphones. In a few clicks, maintenance requests can be logged into the system. In next step, system automatically sends a notification over technician mobile or e-mail to the maintenance department. By doing so, response times to unscheduled stops and failures are greatly reduced. And thereby making equipment and assets more available and increasing production ratios.

Increased Safety: The preventive maintenance strategy controlled by DreamzCMMS ensures that all employees and the environment are safe. Oil leaks and gas leaks or machines with faulty operation, can lead to food contamination. Detecting and preventing these problems is much easier with DreamzCMMS. So the work done on prevention and inspection can translate into successful business outcomes, while maintaining the safety of the workplace. 

Increased Confidence Of Maintenance Staff: Technicians and maintenance managers can perform efficient work and make better decisions when they have access to real-time information and can enter data easily during maintenance operations. An improved tool for maintenance management increases confidence in maintenance operations, allowing maintenance managers to implement maintenance strategies more efficiently. 

Ease In Access To Information: For audits carried out in the agribusiness industry, it is important to ensure easy access to information regarding maintenance work, quality control and safety. The cloud hosting model ensures easy accessibility from anywhere , anytime. The information is accessible from anywhere that has an internet connection via the web and mobile devices. The application on mobile devices can also work offline and can sync back once online ensuring no data loss and real time updates.

Helps To Comply With The Regulatory Requirements: An unpredictable and burdensome regulatory environment is typical in the agribusiness industry. CMMS is backed by reliable and trustworthy scheduling functions that allow professionals to input their planned maintenance. Moreover, they will be able to keep track of maintenance and allocate resources in the right way. CMMS also facilitates identifying overdue  work orders, if any. Lastly, the changes will be made easy to accomplish when dates and regulations have been modified. CMMS helps companies achieve their regulatory compliance goals, increase efficiency, increase safety and improve uptime.


In light of the rapid technological advances in agriculture, where new machines and more advanced production mechanisms are constantly arriving at different production and planting locations. It is essential to follow the transformation through a centralized management system. It is evident that maintenance teams equipped with the right tools will increase profits and control maintenance costs. These maintenance software should facilitate receiving and accessing of information on the go from a centralized system. In the agribusiness industry, CMMS solutions like DreamzCMMS helps customers in solving problems related to inefficient maintenance management. It enables them to increase the profitability of their technical teams and assets.


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