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Tracking work orders across locations in School

Published On December 22, 2021     |     5 Min Read

CMMS for Education for tracking work orders

The School having multiple facilities across locations was having challenges in tracking maintenance work orders across locations.


The Maintenance manager and his team of technicians were having a hard time in managing and tracking Work Orders for various issues being raised across locations and facilities. There were 10 facilities to be maintained with 20 technicians. Also, there were about 20 requesters who continuously reported issues through paper based Work orders.  The traditional paper based process of managing was becoming a nightmare with Work Order papers being lost or misplaced and were unable to be tracked. This was frustrating for all and users were required to submit multiple Work Orders for the same issue until the problem was resolved at some point in time.


The maintenance manager and his team were looking for a simple , easy to use , quick solution for managing and tracking all Work Orders across facilities and locations. 

DreamzCMMS provided them the exact solution in no time and were onboarded almost immediately. Since then, the entire maintenance team is having a good time with performance and peace of mind. The customers are satisfied and happy.

“I can now avoid all the paperworks and search through them manually. DreamzCMMS provides me the flexibility to have updates on any Work Orders at my fingertips. Even when I am on the move, I can use the mobile App to view real time status.” says the Maintenance Manager.

Tracking Work Orders, Status checking and overall status dashboards provides complete real time transparency to the entire maintenance team.

Tracking Progress Across Multiple Locations

“Before using DreamzCMMS, the maintenance manager was almost always in a lost status. With manual paper based processes in place, it was hard to keep track of Work orders and their status across locations and facilities.

With DreamzCMMS, the maintenance manager has access to real time Work Order data and historical information. Even when he is on the move, he can access the entire Work Order related information tracking from mobile apps, real time.

The status for all Work Orders across locations and buildings are readily available to the maintenance manager and he can maintain transparency with requesters and administrators.

DreamzCMMS provides the flexibility to assign Work Orders to best fit available technicians. In that way, the capacity planning for the Work Orders with the technicians team can be easily achieved.”

With DreamzCMMS, the Incident management module made it easy for the 20 requesters to report issues and have complete real time updates on those from the system. Maintenance work across 10 facilities for the 20 technicians are now completely visible to all. This ensures real time status availability to everyone and better communication. 

Historic data improves efficiency

“Before DreamzCMMS, several duplicate WO were created  because the original Work orders for the same problem were lost. This resulted in lost time and effort as many times two technicians would travel for the same task only to find that the task had already been taken off by some other technicians.

The issue of duplicate WO and miscommunication around managing of Who has been eradicated with use of DreamzCMMS.

DreamzCMMS brings in transparency and clarity in what needs to be fixed and when, what is the current status of a reported problem which makes the life of the maintenance team easy and efficient.

This saves time, effort and cost. Above all, this ensures customer satisfaction by timely addressing the issues.”

Improved Communication resulting improved efficiency

Traditional system did not provide a consolidated solution. This leads to discrete data storage and communications across various systems, worksheets, email communication etc.

Availability of consolidated documentation, checklists in a consolidated way was also a challenge. DreamzCMMS allowed the Education institute to consolidate data in a single system and enabled communications within the system across various groups, members as required. All Asset and maintenance related visibility are available within the system. As well as work order tracking and monitoring task wise becomes easier.

Historical data leads to future efficiency

The organization was mostly depending on reactive maintenance in absence of planned appropriate availability of data.

With DreamzCMMS in place for sometime now, data has been collected and stored in a streamlined way to enable the users to know what type of works are requested, where maintenance is required, how effort is consumed for a type of work etc. These historical and real time, helps to generate intelligent reports and analysis that facilitates smart decision making for the management.

With real time availability of consolidated data and intelligent reports, the director is always able to have a birds eye view on the ongoing and pending activities and can plan better for proactive maintenance.


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