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Steel Manufacturer Streamlined Its Scaling Maintenance Needs

Published On February 17, 2022     |     5 Min Read

steel manufacturer uses CMMS | DreamzCMMS

The company (Steel Manufacturer) was having difficulty scaling up in maintenance activities with its existing system due to lack of visibility in its maintenance operations. They needed a maintenance management system to meet their maintenance requirements.


The company was planning to expand its operations which required them to scale their maintenance operations accordingly but the current system was a constraint to their growth.

With expansion they focused more on operations automation and moved to industry 4.0 to utilize industrial sensors for proactive monitoring and preventive maintenance.


The company (Steel Manufacturer) zeroed in on DreamzCMMS due to compatibility and readiness with Industry 4.0, Preventive Maintenance and Mobile-CMMS Solution. Their operating environments have very high temperatures and harmful conditions. This persuaded them to  opt for a solution which supported industrial sensors for proactive and preventive maintenance.

Setting up Central Control Room 

The company manufactures different types of SKUs in different facilities. They added each of their facilities, manufacturing equipment and tools used in manufacturing and maintenance operations. They also faced difficulties in locating assets spread across different facilities. To resolve this issue,   they utilized the floor plan feature of DreamzCMMS  and tagged assets as pins on the floor plan. All the details of assets, its maintenance history are available in a centralized dashboard.

Efficient Planning for Schedule and Preventive Maintenance 

In DreamzCMMS, they configured scheduled inspections and maintenance activities for their operational equipment. This helped them to achieve optimal asset utilization and performance.

Using the Checklist feature, they created various types of activities(Tasks) they needed to perform for inspection, routine maintenance and capture vital information to meet statutory requirements.

They also set preventive maintenance schedules that automatically triggered when preset conditions are met.

Proactive Monitoring with IoT Sensor and  Condition Based Maintenance

Onboarded assets are equipped with sensors to receive real-time data while in operation. Sensors like temperature sensors, tilt sensors, high-pressure sensors, water leak sensors and air quality sensors are installed to the assets. To facilitate receiving of data from the sensors, the sensors are assigned to the assets in the IoT platform. 

Trigger Rules are configured on a threshold value, beyond which an alert will be triggered. For automating the maintenance process, rules are set up in the rules engine based on a set of parameters that generate the work orders when threshold values are exceeded.

Continuous receiving of data provides detailed insight on asset condition and the control center can  predict maintenance needs for assets before they occur. This creates a safe working environment and prevents unforeseen failures and workplace hazards.

Preparing Document for Statutory Compliances

Benefits of having a centralized repository of all maintenance records, findings, causes, completion notes, proof of completion with images and videos provided them everything they needed to compile statutory reports for compliance with OSHA etc.

It helped them save unnecessary efforts required earlier to gather information and document them for reports.


Business Benefits Achieved

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