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Routine checkups help meeting Statutory Compliance

Published On January 6, 2022     |     5 Min Read

Facility Management DreamzCMMS

Client is a Facility Maintenance Management Company providing outsourced maintenance services to Fortune 100 companies some of which are Top Aviation companies.


Earlier, the client’s maintenance team primarily relied on spreadsheets to manage maintenance tasks(work orders). This cumbersome system made it difficult to get real-time maintenance and equipment related information and to effectively collaborate with operations. 

The client needed a simple, user-friendly solution that could be easily understood and used by a diverse team to track and maintain equipment and tools in their largely distributed rented facilities.


DreamzCMMS Facility Management Solution was easy to grasp and use by their maintenance staff, which  made the communications swift and improved transparency and reliable data for the entire maintenance process.

After a successful trial run, the client followed with a full implementation at one facility and expanded the solution to implement at other facilities as well.

Easy Issue Reporting and Resolution

The company provides outsourced maintenance services to their customers. They provide services like Repair and Overhauling, Routine Inspections and perform other maintenance activities. They need to respond positively with ease to reported problems, and assign those with priority. The company needed a process in place to keep all stakeholders informed about the progress and status of a reported problem real time. 
With DreamzCMMS, Administrative team members, technicians, and requesters could easily watch their work orders move through the system in detail. This improved communications and diffused complaints. At the end of the month, they compiled reports and billed their client accordingly with recorded proof of completion.

Efficient MRO Inventory Tracking and procurement

The client has to manage a comprehensive inventory as they deal with hundreds of equipment maintenance and other works. With historical data, they were able to identify which parts they needed most and set up stock levels to maintain inventory level of those items. They also created a list of parts and supplies required for maintenance of an equipment using Asset Bill Of Materials.

Using DreamzCMMS which has a complete procurement cycle, they were able to effectively manage purchases required for their inventory items and assets.

Easy Parts and Equipment  Tracking

Clients used QR code based parts labeling to improve inventory effectiveness. For maintenance they use several of their own equipment which they label with RFID tags so they can track movements. For easy stock taking and parts count, they used RFID scanners to scan and validate assets easily.

RFID tags played a very important role, they can quickly search across numbers of facilities and report assets.

Meeting Compliances and Statutories

The client has to ensure adherence to applicable statutory laws and regulations. Also to ensure maintenance records and inspections from the statutory authorities as per need. 

With Maintenance records, inspections and corrective actions taken and recorded by technicians, they compile required reports to meet audit requirements. Hence they submit compliance reports. They used DreamzCMMS Maintenance Checklist feature. It helps to put in all the required set of tasks to record with images and videos as proof.

Data For Better Business Decisions

Over a period of time, maintenance information and asset historical data  was collected and organized. And the maintenance team were able to implement preventive maintenance tasks for their facilities.

In addition, the historic information gave the maintenance team the data needed to make smarter business decisions on tasks. Also helps to estimates, maintenance costs, spare parts and inventory needs. Better maintenance planning was enabled for their clients.

In summary, the client has been tracking, managing its facilities assets. They have been keeping smooth maintenance operations with transparency in communication and meeting statutory and compliances.


Business Benefits Achieved

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