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Maximizing Golf Course Maintenance Efficiency through Implementing DreamzCMMS

Published On February 10, 2023     |     5 Min Read

Golf course maintenance using DreamzCMMS

The Client is a luxurious Country Club, with numerous Golf Courses. The golf course has a large maintenance staff, multiple amenities (such as a clubhouse, pro shop, and restaurants), and a fleet of golf carts, mowers, and other equipment. They were facing several problems with their maintenance, tracking and planning activities. A system that would accommodate their current requirements and provide them with the flexibility to grow with their expanding business was the need of the hour.


The Club’s maintenance process was largely manual, with maintenance requests made via phone or email, work orders created and assigned on paper, and equipment schedules maintained in spreadsheets. The manual process was time-consuming and prone to errors, and it was difficult for managers to get a comprehensive view of maintenance activities. They were lacking largely in maintenance tracking and reporting abilities.

The Club also needed a solution that could help them with detailed asset information and its real time value (depreciation) for accounting purposes and understanding total cost of ownership.


The Club decided to implement DreamzCMMS to automate their maintenance processes and gain greater visibility into maintenance activities. DreamzCMMS allowed maintenance staff to log maintenance requests, create and assign work orders. They could also track equipment maintenance schedules electronically. The CMMS also generated reports that provided real-time information on maintenance activities, allowing managers to make informed decisions about maintenance planning and budgeting. After implementing DreamzCMMS Facility Management Solution,  the Club could centralize all its maintenance-related information. DreamzCMMS  took the Club through a painless Onboarding process and made them comfortable with the application through DreamzCMMS  professional service and training team. They provided timely help and support to make the entire process smooth.

With the Implementation of DreamzCMMS, the Club could achieve the following easily:

Easy Tasks Assignment and Work Order Management

The Club used DreamzCMMS in managing the outsourced maintenance operation allocated to the vendors through formal maintenance requests (Work order) allocated to vendors. Vendors take the work orders and then perform the actual maintenance work. On completion of the work order, it is updated with details and submitted for review. 

Streamlining Communication

Using DreamzCMMS, any staff of the Club or any of its customer members can report problems. They can report issues with equipment through a simple scan of  QR code from the Request module.

DreamzCMMS keeps all the information in one place and it also consolidates communication. It helps the club to be more efficient by sending alerts and notifications on mobile phones or web.

Efficient Asset Management Solution

DreamzCMMS implementation team helped them prepare asset registers and build asset hierarchy. They also helped in implementing it throughout its locations quickly with minimal required training. With asset registers in place, they can easily get the real time asset value. 

DreamzCMMS  allowed the club to track equipment maintenance schedules,record maintenance history, helping to extend the life of their equipment and reduce replacement costs.

Increased Accountability

DreamzCMMS  helped to improve accountability by allowing maintenance staff to log maintenance requests and track work orders, and by providing a centralized repository of maintenance records.

Better Customer Service

DreamzCMMS helped to ensure that maintenance activities were completed on time and to a high standard, contributing to a better golfing experience for customers.

Improved Maintenance Processes

DreamzCMMS streamlined maintenance processes, reducing the time and resources required to manage maintenance activities.

Improved Visibility

DreamzCMMS provided real-time information on maintenance activities, allowing managers to make informed decisions about golf course maintenance planning and budgeting.

DreamzCMMS also added values with the following, making the entire Operations easier for the Club:

  • Automated inventory control and tracking
  • Preventive maintenance and inspection tasks are scheduled in advance
  • Efficiently managing assets lifecycles to help in Budgeting
  • Insightful Dashboard reporting 
  • DreamzCMMS Mobile App to let the staff, members and other users to report, track or perform activities while on the move real time
  • Store all relevant information, documents, link and notes for easy retrieval, sharing and helping in building KMDB within the system
  • Ability to raise Requests from both Web and Mobile application alongwith Photo, Video, documents etc.

Business Benefits Achieved

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