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Customer from Manufacturing Manages Maintenance Requests Inventory Efficiently

Published On December 15, 2021     |     5 Min Read

Packaging Manufacturing

The customer, a packaging company, was facing challenges with managing manufacturing maintenance activities and inventory. One of their departments selected DreamzCMMS mobile app to take care of these challenges while the rest will follow the path.


The primary challenge with maintenance management was with following an almost complete manual process with spreadsheets. It was time consuming and error prone.

Large inventory management with manual entries in spreadsheets was also a major challenge for the department. The process of assigning required spare part from the available stock during maintenance is time-consuming with manual process with spreadsheets. For availability and issue of a spare part from the inventory, technicians had to scramble through multiple emails, phone calls and shuffling through inventory shelves causing delay in the entire maintenance process. This caused delay in resolution, unhappy users and loss in productivity.

Due to lack of real-time visibility in the inventory stocks, the company was affected with problems like theft, loss, overstocking and understocking of the spare parts.


DreamzCMMS, with its maintenance management and inventory module, helped the department  to streamline its maintenance process and inventory management. This resulted in efficient entry and tracking of maintenance related requests (Work Order). Inventory is also now better managed with availability of real time stock situations and automated process of issuing and stock keeping.  Visibility to maintenance requests realtime, their allocation and status provides comfort to all stakeholders. Efficient Inventory management contributed to completion of maintenance tasks in much lesser time improving productivity. Losses were reduced avoiding costly breakdowns, thefts,overstocking and understocking in the inventory. 

Streamlining and automating Maintenance Requests:

The Incident management module of DreamzCMMS allows end users to enter any maintenance issue. The maintenance management module of DreamzCMMS helps the management team to create the maintenance work requests (work orders). It assign them to the technicians by setting priorities.

The technicians are notified about the assigned maintenance tasks (work orders). With the help of DreamzCMMS mobile app, the technicians can scan the equipment/parts identifier tag attached. And this enable to view all relevant information about the equipment/part. These details help the technicians to identify the issues and resolve them within a reduced time, causing reduction in critical downtime and saving cost.

With the help of DreamzCMMS, the stakeholders can track the work orders on a real-time basis. At any point in time, they can track status of any work request, overall maintenance activities, technicians efficiency.

Efficient Planned Maintenance:

The department has a large number of equipment performing 24×7. It is important to keep those critical equipment up and running always. This can be achieved by ensuring no unplanned downtime which can only be achieved by regular maintenance. With all the manufacturing maintenance related information available within DreamzCMMS. And over a period of time availability of historic data related to maintenance, provides clear insight to the managers for a better maintenance planning. The insightful reports related to maintenance and the historical data, lets the managers plan for proactive, planned, scheduled maintenance. DreamzCMMS supports this Scheduling activity effectively. And with auto scheduling of predefined maintenance activity helps to ensure regular maintenance activities on the equipment. Thus helps to avoid unnecessary expenditures due to breakdown maintenance (reactive maintenance)

Implement Smart Inventory:

The inventory management module of DreamzCMMS helps to monitor consumption and procurement on a real-time basis. With DreamzCMMS, the entire process has been automated. And now it’s a smooth process to locate a spare part, check on its availability. Or to get those issued immediately for a maintenance task. Technicians can now scan the parts identifier tag (QR Codes) to consume the spare parts from the inventory. Automatic update of counts for inventory stocks for issue and return activity. It saves time and effort bringing in efficiency to the entire process. 

Now, getting the real time stock status is easy and ensures addressing any maintenance issues without any delay.

Improved Team Communication:

DreamzCMMS stores and maintains status of all manufacturing maintenance tasks real time. This information is visible to all technicians and managers ensuring transparency to all. And at any time, based on the situation, appropriate technicians can take care of tasks, without delay. Managers can now perform real time allocation of jobs to the technicians.


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