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Manufacturing Company using Sensors for preventing unplanned breakdowns

Published On December 16, 2021     |     5 Min Read

Equipment Manufacturing

The Company manufactures construction materials, packaging solutions made in order to suit customer demands. They also have a medical equipment manufacturing division. When the company decided to shift its maintenance system away from lagging paper-based and worksheets. Their administrators chose DreamzCMMS as their best option with an easy to use Mobile app and Cloud-based DreamzCMMS Solution.


One of the executives at the company said that they relied previously on paper based systems to manage work orders for many years. This involved manually writing down tasks, time taken, and parts used in designed formats. 

They wasted valuable time documenting tasks and activities in paper based systems which were inefficient. Not only that, reactive maintenance did not help them with unplanned downtime or production breakdowns which cost them hefty.

Even with the implementation of a Online system, they remained mostly paper based as the maintenance work orders were required to be printed, handed over to technicians who would write down all related details and submit those back to the supervisor who would need to key in those details once again to the online system. This entire process was quite manual intensive.


After a successful trial, they provided the feedback and decided to go with DreamzCMMS. As a result of implementing DreamzCMMS and it’s mobile app, they shifted to planned and scheduled maintenance which reduced maintenance costs and improved efficiency and productivity. 

In the next phase they decided to use sensor devices for proactive monitoring and move to preventive and predictive maintenance.

Reduce additional overhead administration works

Previously, they would prepare the work order and take a print out and give it to the technicians. And they wrote on them what they did, how long it took, and any parts they used. 

After completion, papers would come back and punch into a file system which was inefficient and prone to human error.

With DreamzCMMS, they minimized the manual time and technicians started recording progress using the mobile app. They had parts labeled with QR Code, so whenever technicians would need a part, they would scan it using the app and this would link the part to the work order. 

With everything being tracked, such as time taken, cost, files and documents, pictures etc.. It became easy for everyone to track and brought transparency to the process. The system also almost eradicated the entire manual way of doing thing. It let the users have all information stored and tracked in a digital way avoiding any paperwork.

Easy Problem Reporting with Mobile App

With the mobile app, it becomes really easy to log and track problems. Problem reporting  makes a big difference that other employees can submit a problem if they notice something is amiss or requires repair.

Using the app, anyone on premises can scan the QR code label on broken manufacturing equipment. They take a picture of it and submit a request. Using workflow automation system assigned to a technician to validate and fix. And the responder gets notified on the app. This reduced turnaround time between reporting and fixing problems.

Routine Checkups and Corrective Maintenance

They used DreamzCMMS Calendar based scheduling feature where they can set the maintenance events based on their plan for routine checkups of critical equipment. They also used Maintenance Checklist to prepare standard checkup tasks and corrective procedures so that nothing goes missing.

Users of the company created a set of checklists and attached it to work order. Technicians working can mark each task done. They add their comments, images or video and digitally sign it. They can set up work orders for routine checks, corrective maintenance and routine calibration.

Proactively monitor critical equipment and react before it breaks

When the company decided to use Sensors for their Medical Equipment Manufacturing division to continuously monitor production equipment, they approached us to help them. As DreamzCMMS software supported using sensors, we provided them with consultations and helped them integrate with our portal to set up devices and log sensor data.

With DreamzCMMS they used IoT sensors to monitor manufacturing equipment conditions for temperature, vibrations and other parameters. Also they log data to monitor for breach of threshold. Every time data log reads a breach the threshold, they get notifications. And an emergency procedure is followed to fix it without breaking the production and improving asset reliability.

This process minimized the number of production downtime and improved overall equipment effectiveness.


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