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Resource efficient Factories and Supply Chains using DreamzCMMS

Published On December 15, 2021     |     5 Min Read

Efficient Warehouse management

The customer was establishing a new distribution center and selected DreamzCMMS mobile app from the beginning to support their resource efficient factories and strong supply chains.


The company was establishing a new warehouse and wanted to manage its huge number of parts, equipment and tools(Assets) efficiently from the very beginning. It required an efficient solution to manage maintenance of its 2 million square foot huge warehouse. The need was to integrate all spare parts, equipment and tools in a centralized system as soon as they are onboarded. Managing corresponding Maintenance work orders was also a need via Mobile App solution. They wanted to do it “First Time Right” while loading thousands of parts and assets into the system.


Based on the evaluation across a few available solutions, the maintenance manager and team found DreamzCMMS mobile app along with the web based solution to be the perfect solution for their needs. 

Paperless Process and Access On The Go

The maintenance team was looking for a digital solution with an easy to use interface and available on mobile devices. Incidents and Maintenance Tasks(Work orders) should be able to be entered and managed conveniently without any paper work.

DreamzCMMS allowed the company to manage any maintenance work from anywhere, anytime through its mobile app. It allows users to assign tasks to any technician anytime. The technicians can check from anywhere, anytime about the assigned and pending works. They can update the work status from the mobile app. All of these can be achieved through DreamzCMMS in a paperless environment.

Easy Implementation

The company imported thousands of equipment and parts in DreamzCMMS just uploading the excel file. The company logically segregated the 2 million square foot warehouse into various locations or facilities. And they mapped the assets to those locations. They have printed the autogenerated QR Code of the assets. So they can easily track using QR code attached to equipment, tools and parts. 

When an issue or a downtime error occurs, technicians scan the QR codes, locate the problem, and then initiate the maintenance work order. The data gets in through QR Code scanning in the Work Order automatically.

Gathering Analytical Reporting

The Company wanted to have relevant analytical reporting and information that would help in identifying potential recurring issues.

DreamzCMMS was flexible enough to accommodate the analytical reporting needs of the company to support identifying recurring deficiencies.

Efficient Use of Labor, Capturing Detailed Data

DreamzCMMS eliminated almost all manual and paper based work. Earlier, there was a need to travel between worksite and the office to record data. With DreamzCMMS, there is no need anymore to note down in papers but can capture more relevant data directly through any mobile device in DreamzCMMS. 

Technicians can just use their mobile phones, scan QR Codes for asset related details and create a Maintenance Work order within a few minutes. This saves time and effort. And it helps in capturing and maintaining more data centrally. In other words, software made the overall system resource efficient.

Moving Ahead

After the Distribution center is up with DreamzCMMS, the next focus is on building and monitoring appropriate key performance indicators (KPIs) will be most valuable to track. 

Using DreamzCMMS, the facility is capturing downtime, maintaining inventory of spare parts, and asset inventory. Moving ahead, DreamzCMMS will help the company to plan and schedule preventive maintenance. It will also help to implement condition based maintenance through Sensors. DreamzCMMS will help the facility to decide on future maintenance plans and asset management. Based on intelligent data analysis and reporting, the facility will be able to decide whether to retain equipment or scrap it. 

DreamzCMMS helps in identifying areas where there is downtime happening. It allows better management and monitoring of the overall facility. As a result it helps in creating a Resource efficient Factory.


Business Benefits Achieved

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