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Improves Communication in Food Supply Restaurant

Published On December 22, 2021     |     5 Min Read

Food Supply Restaurant chain

DreamzCMMS mobile app is easy to use and enhances communication among various users and team in restaurant chain with real time information. With DreamzCMMS they can see Work Order along with their status easily in a consolidated view.


The restaurant chain have multiple restaurants across locations. They have technicians to monitor daily maintenance needs. Still, the owner faces too many downtime or unavailability of equipment.
It became a challenge for him to delegate task on time for urgent issues.
According to the owner, lack of timely maintenance increases number of unplanned breakdowns.


DreamzCMMS mobile app lets the work orders be assigned to the right technicians or the team . These are most of the time addressed immediately. The owner can now manage the entire process from an overall point of view letting the intricate details be delegated to the managers.

“Equipment downtime is minimal now. With DreamzCMMS, managers submit Incidents or Work Order easily and the maintenance staff are immediately on the job with the automated notifications.”

DreamzCMMS bridges the gap

DreamzCMMS lets the entire restaurant staff to train easily in maintenance related various activities right from managing till the actual maintenance work. The maintenance related process, checklist and knowledge are also stored easily within DreamzCMMS.

Keep everyone in the loop

The owner and staff of the restaurant chain uses DreamzCMMS across various mobile devices and desktop, laptops for managing assets and maintenance operations. This enables all of them to stay informed about any maintenance job. And on top of things even when they are on the move within the facility or away from the restaurant. This provides better tracking and management and immediate resolution to maintenance issues.

The technicians in restaurants across multiple facilities take care of 150 equipment along with electrical and plumbing repairs and maintenance. The equipment list includes but not limited to  refrigerators, grills, fryers, automated beverage systems etc.

DreamzCMMS enabled all the technicians, owners and managers to be aware of all ongoing maintenance work and equipment conditions. This transparency helped in better planning and optimal utilization of all resources.

Delegating Maintenance Tasks Increases Efficiency

With DreamzCMMS easy to use nature and easy onboarding process with minimal time, it’s super easy to train staff in the application. This enables the owner to let the manager manage overall maintenance activity. And the owner can have a birds-eye view across the chain of restaurants. The freed up bandwidth of the owner by delegating the work though DreamzCMMS lets him improve efficiency in other areas of work and overall increase in business efficiency.

Set priorities, Better Response time

While creating or managing a maintenance work order, priority can be set based on the nature of the maintenance need. This helped the entire maintenance team in better judging the priority tasks.

With real time visibility to any issues reported in the system, response time to acknowledge a reported issue and to respond to it became better. 

Parts inventory helps in ensuring availability of required parts during maintenance tasks.

Checklists in DreamzCMMS and the instructions defined and attached for a work order. It ensures that the technician is completely ready to take care of the job without any hiccups.


Business Benefits Achieved

Global players rely on DreamzCMMS to run their Asset Management & Maintenance Operations

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