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Improve Transparency for Efficient Business Decisions

Published On December 14, 2021     |     5 Min Read

Commercial Rented facility equipment | DreamzCMMS

Client is a Facility Management Service Company having multiple commercial rented facilities for workplaces in over 20 major cities. With DreamzCMMS, Facility Asset Management and Tracking was able to save resources and efficiently track their assets movement across various facilities.


Client was managing their maintenance using another software  which was more of a task-based project management system that really could not manage details of  facilities, maintenance, procurement or outsourced maintenance.

Since they are outsourcing their maintenance works to vendors and approving assigned maintenance tasks (work orders) on completion, they needed a solution to keep the process easy with communication and less paperwork and get alerts and notifications status on their mobile devices.  

The company also needed a solution that could help them with detailed asset information and it’s real time value (depreciation) for accounting purposes and understanding total cost of ownership.


After implementing DreamzCMMS Facility Management Solution,  the client could centralize all its maintenance-related information. Currently, 15 employees of the company’s staff members are on the system engaged in managing their over 160 commercially rented workplaces in over 20 cities.

Easy Tasks Assignment and Work Order Management

The client provides shared office space locations. The company has found DreamzCMMS System to use in managing maintenance operations in a centralized and consolidated way.

They used DreamzCMMS in managing the outsourced maintenance operation allocated to the vendors through formal maintenance requests (Work order) allocated to vendors. Vendors take the work orders and then perform the actual maintenance work. On completion of the work order, it is updated with details and submitted for review. Also it has approval with time, cost, parts, problems, causes, solution, images and video etc.

Streamlining Communication

Before DreamzCMMS, most of the communication about maintenance was handled through phone calls. They used to call vendors to let know about problems and works, followed by emails to inform and follow up.

Using DreamzCMMS any company staff or its customer can report problem on client’s equipment by simple scan of  QR code.

DreamzCMMS keeps all the information in one place and it also consolidates communication. It helps them to be more efficient by sending alerts and notifications on mobile phones or web.

Managing and Tracking Rented Assets

The client considers their primary Assets to be the furniture, mechanical and IT equipment.

They move their assets among different workplaces based on demand. Client uses QR Code based labels on accessories and RFID labels on Assets, printed directly from the DreamzCMMS Asset Management. The records the movement and keeps a track of Commercial Rented facility asset movement history.

Since they have over 10,000 moveable assets including furniture, storages, desks, IT equipment etc. which they label with RFID. It is helping  them to easily scan and track facility asset movements. Previously they had to manually identify and record each asset at a rented facility. And update them in the asset register which is prone to human error and a time consuming affair.

With RFID labels, they are now scanning a floor or a section at once. It is saving both time and resources and getting accurate information in the asset register.

With complete asset lifecycle management, they get to know the real time value of an asset. And also understand total cost of ownership and can make informed decisions on when to scrap them. 

Efficient Asset Management Solution

DreamzCMMS implementation team helped them prepare asset registers and build asset hierarchy. They also helped in implementing it throughout its locations quickly with minimal required training. With asset registers in place, they can easily get the real time asset value. And at the end of every financial year, they post it to their accounting department. Now their accounts team can login to the DreamzCMMS System and Post asset valuation directly using other accounting software(through integrations). It saves them lots of resources, time and money and makes the process automated.


Business Benefits Achieved

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