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Furniture Manufacturer improves the workshop’s productivity and profitability.

Published On December 27, 2021     |     5 Min Read

CMMS for furniture equipment maintenance

The customer is a furniture manufacturer. They are trying to improve profit and productivity in the business reducing the equipment maintenance cost.


The customer was trying to improve the workshop’s productivity and profitability. But there are few areas which needs to improve while trying to achieve these objectives. And to improve productivity, the customer would need to create a perfect mix of expert workforce, equipment and efficient processes for equipment management and maintenance operations. From evaluation of the current processes, it was found that the company needs to improve their equipment Management and maintenance operations process by automating those along with bringing in better visibility and communication. Improving collaboration among the technicians and all stakeholders also was identified as a key area of improvement. Improving equipment life span, reducing unplanned downtimes and having equipment in perfect condition to ensure staff safety was important. Staff training and better guidance during maintenance activity was also required.Solutions:

Maintenance managers and decision makers evaluated several softwares to address the above mentioned challenges and after a trial evaluation selected DreamzCMMS as a perfect solution for their need.

DreamzCMMS team analyzed the existing processes, workflow, technology, people, procedures, tools and resources involved in furniture production.

Update Business Processes

Implementation of DreamzCMMS results in drastic improvement from an almost complete manual process to an automated system. It ensured health and performance of equipment providing maximum productivity. The equipment is now better managed with clarity and visibility in an automated way (Asset Management). All stakeholders can now report any issue from anywhere, anytime through DreamzCMMS mobile app (Incident Management). The entire maintenance operations workflow automated providing access and clarity to any status from anywhere, anytime. (Maintenance Management).

Optimal Workforce Utilization

DreamzCMMS provided clarity to everyone with All maintenance request (Work Order) status and technician allocations. This holistic view enabled the managers to plan better and optimally leverage the workforce. The performance of technicians and training needs can also be determined through analysis of the maintenance jobs and related performance.

Based on the birds eye view available from DreamzCMMS, for both the work volume and availability of technicians, managers can now better plan for utilization and set realistic expectations to enhance worker effectiveness.

Workshop with Equipment performing at Prime, Smart Maintenance 

In Furniture manufacturing, performance of its equipment is of utmost importance along with its employees. 

To stay competitive, the customer had to perform regular machine maintenance to attain maximum productivity with minimal downtime. DreamzCMMS became an important facilitator by automating the entire maintenance process and workflows for all the equipment. It stores all equipment related information along with its maintenance history, details of any maintenance tasks required or performed also. This historic data helps in the long term to make informed decisions for the future.

New equipment always increases productivity, but it is important to keep existing equipment operating at optimum levels. The preplanned proactive maintenance facilitated and guided by DreamzCMMS made the life easy for the managers to take care of the maintenance activity proactively increasing life span and performance. The DreamzCMMS software ensures communication with all stakeholders, resolves doubts, and also provides information related to scraping of equipment etc. 

Ongoing Training Of Employees

The furniture industry can expect new technology or new equipment almost everyday. It was tough to keep all the technicians completely trained in all recent equipment. DreamzCMMS provided help with checklists and provision to define tasks for an assigned reported issue to a technician (Work Order). These tasks act as guidance and maintenance steps to the technicians which make their life and process easy while saving time.

Organizing Maintenance Operations

The company was losing a good amount of money and hours of work due to lack of organized processes for maintenance, equipment management and inventory management.

With DreamzCMMS, equipment management, maintenance operations and parts inventory were all integrated together and automated. Now, all equipment can be easily tracked. Pinpointing equipment on the floor plan helps in easy locating of the machines needing maintenance. Identification tags (QR Codes) on each machine and parts helps in immediate access to all relevant details without any manual hassle. During any maintenance activity, parts consumed automatically updates in Inventory keeping it updated real time. In case of a need, user can generate procurement requests while servicing a maintenance job.

This automated, organized way of managing the work area with equipment management, maintenance management, inventory and purchase management. Integration of all these features improved productivity to a great extent.

Foster Collaboration

One major concern for the customer was lack of clarity, communication and collaboration among various teams, technicians and stakeholders. With DreamzCMMS, all information is now accessible by anyone from anywhere. All status and updates are visible real time providing clarity to all avoiding confusion among teams. 


Business Benefits Achieved

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