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Education Institute Reduces maintenance time with Preventive Maintenance

Published On February 7, 2022     |     5 Min Read

Education Facility maintenance

The customer is an institute with several facilities across the country. The Maintenance manager of the institute wanted to move to a digital solution for managing preventive maintenance and work orders. He was looking for a digital solution to organize his maintenance team better. And ensure that all preventive maintenance performs of equipment be on time easily.


The institute was managing preventive maintenance with a paper based system. It was tough to  search through those stacks of papers. There was a need for a digital system that would keep the team updated on upcoming maintenance work while improving team efficiency.


DreamzCMMS provided a complete Digital Solution for organizing the Assets and managing its maintenance while fostering collaboration and clarity in communication. It helps in organizing the technicians to avoid redundancy in work and to provide clarity to everyone on what to do and where to do.

Digital Solution to replace a rudimentary paper based Process

The institute needed a simple but powerful maintenance tool. The instrument needs well planned preventive maintenance to be performing at their prime always.  

Previously, technicians used to miss or forget to perform maintenance and were mostly dependent on their notepads and clipboards which may have not been up-to-date. As a result, the process was not disciplined and organized. The maintenance manager was looking for a digital software solution which would provide automated reminders and put the entire team in discipline to cater to required maintenance tasks. 

With DreamzCMMS, the manager found more ownership over completed work and could trust the digital system as a single point of truth for maintenance work. 

Historic Maintenance Record Reduces Downtime

There was a critical Equipment which used to fail almost routinely. Because of the usage of the paper based system, it was often challenging for technicians to remember what work had previously been done to repair the equipment. 

Everytime it was like reinventing the wheel, in absence of availability of reference to the previous work done. This increased wrench time and unavailability of the equipment for every failure impacting core work. With DreamzCMMS record all the work done at every instance so that user can refer in future. This reduces wrench time greatly and reduces downtime causing customer satisfaction. Technicians can document all procedures in DreamzCMMS.

Now with DreamzCMMS, the technicians document notes, take pictures and associate it with a maintenance task. They can refer last resolution so easily. And the previous data in DreamzCMMS helps in their repair decisions. Decisions on, what parts to use, and what procedures would best work for the equipment becomes easy. This reduced downtime thus improves efficiency in core work.

Technicians Welcomed Easy to Use DreamzCMMS Mobile App

After rolling out DreamzCMMS to the entire maintenance team, they quickly started using the app. This resulted in taking up more ownership of their work. Initially, the technicians referred to DreamzCMMS online Help center to know how to use the system easily. The ease of use of DreamzCMMS app made it easy for every technician to understand the application and accomplish more work with their mobile devices. 

Increased Team Ownership and Engagement, Stronger Visibility into Team Performance

By completing assigned work orders in DreamzCMMS, the maintenance team has felt an increased sense of ownership over their tasks. Thus the Application brought back confidence to the team by providing more visibility and clarity in their work. Technicians were happy to see that in a digital system maintenance tasks were getting done with their names tagged to the task.

With the Digital system in place, application stores all information real time. it becomes easier for the manager and supervisor to have a better understanding of what’s going on. Availability of Status of Maintenance tasks, provides an opportunity for better capacity planning and scheduling of work. It is now possible to efficiently prioritize preventive maintenance on equipment to ensure minimal downtime.


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