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DreamzCMMS provides Intelligent analytics to Customer

Published On February 28, 2022     |     5 Min Read

skin care manufacturer gets intelligent analytics

The Customer is a skincare brand with numerous stores located internationally. The Customer offers various kinds of skin care products. The Store Maintenance Manager oversees all maintenance for over 100 stores Internationally. They had need of Intelligent Analytics to operate the stores.

The Challenge:

The Store Maintenance manager manages maintenance for all The Customer stores. With her busy schedule, it was almost impossible to manage maintenance activities with a spreadsheets and emails based process. She needed a simple, consolidated process to manage and view all maintenance related information. There was a need for a digital system which would let her better collaborate with her maintenance teams across locations. 

The Solution:

The Store Maintenance manager after evaluation selected DreamzCMMS mobile app for their maintenance solution. She selected DreamzCMMS  to better monitor and prioritize work requests from various International requests. 

Streamlined work requests Saving Effort, Cost and Time

The Store Manager selected DreamzCMMS because it stores and provides all information they require.

DreamzCMMS analytics were much easier to understand for them. The Mobile app was simple but provided powerful Intelligent analytics which helped a lot in managing her distributed team. 

Earlier, the Maintenance manager had a rough time in managing the chaotic situation of maintenance management. She was managing it primarily through emails and spreadsheets. There were numerous emails with maintenance requests, many of those were duplicates for the same requests. Information from the emails are required to be entered by the Maintenance Manager in the spreadsheets. This was a cumbersome, error prone process creating confusion, error and consuming unnecessary effort and time.. The Stakeholders are confused about the status of a request. And it was difficult to get real time updates on any request causing dissatisfaction across the teams. They required a digital maintenance management system which would improve  efficiency and sustainability.

Now with DreamzCMMS, The Store Maintenance manager no longer needs to scramble through tons of emails. Also, there is no need for her to manually enter maintenance requests. Each user now has access to the DreamzCMMS work request portal, where they can submit work requests when maintenance issues arise. The Store Maintenance manager has a clear understanding of outstanding and completed work. All stakeholders now have visibility to all Work request status in DreamzCMMS along with Intelligent analytics.

Vendor communication Made Easy among distributed teams

With DreamzCMMS, The Store Maintenance manager can now easily communicate and assign appropriate work to the specific vendors. All Vendor information and their expertise are stored in the system helping the Manager to map and assign tasks easily. 

Direct communication on the work order makes life easier for The Store Maintenance manager. The Centralized nature of DreamzCMMS made everyone’s life easy, the Manager, vendor and stakeholders. It’s now a One Stop shop for all. All confusion around numerous emails, spreadsheet data entry could be avoided with DreamzCMMS.

Transparency improved productivity 

The Store Maintenance manager with all the centralized maintenance related information and work requests can now manage more requests across locations. DreamzCMMS improves communication and visibility across teams leading to improved Productivity. No more Time and Effort are lost around miscommunication or lack of information. DreamzCMMS holds it all together to provide real time updates and clarity. The maintenance team can receive work orders quickly and get to them much faster than before. 

The Store Maintenance manager can now utilize her time more effectively for maintenance planning along with other responsibilities like store design and renovations. 

Better Responsiveness creates higher customer satisfaction

With DreamzCMMS digital solution, all work requests, their status and clarity are available in finger tips. The processes are streamlined. And technicians can attend to the job much easier and faster. With prompt response to any issues within the stores, the customer experience has been elevated. Within a comfortable environment, the customer can now almost always enjoy the high-end items. The conditions and aesthetics of the store are maintained properly across the Globe, now with DreamzCMMS. 

DreamzCMMS Analytics provides Insights into costs and help in decisions 

DreamzCMMS Analytics provides an insight to the Store Maintenance manager with all expenses. She can clearly make out where the costs are going and during which season for what purpose. The instore equipment is an important part for customer experience and it’s important to keep them functioning properly. For example, there are costly sinks in the Stores for Customer demonstration purposes which needs to maintain properly.  DreamzCMMS now tracks which locations have the most plumbing issues and helps in better maintenance planning.

DreamzCMMS helped the customer to move more towards Preventive Maintenance from Reactive Maintenance. This ensured customer satisfaction and saving of time and money.


Business Benefits Achieved

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