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Coffee Brand reduces Reactive Maintenance By 80%

Published On January 17, 2022     |     5 Min Read

Coffee equipment

The company serves as a café and wholesaler. It also sells and services Coffee equipment for wholesale businesses to other cafes and home users. They were busy with reactive maintenance.


The Company’s existing field service apps were unable to cater to the volume of maintenance works across different channels and types of customers. The Company was primarily using paper-based systems to manage Coffee equipment and parts inventory, maintenance work orders, procurement management and accounting tasks.

The Company’s operations manager said that too much paperwork was the biggest problem. It was a big challenge to track stock of parts and Coffee equipment. Consolidating and synchronizing with the billing and invoicing process takes a long time while using a manual process. 


With DreamzCMMS mobile app, the Coffee brand could streamline its maintenance process and work orders. It also drastically reduced reactive maintenance and improved visibility into its inventory. As a result of these improvements, the coffee brand saves a good amount of time and money. Also, due to visibility and clarity of information in DreamzCMMS, better communication and collaboration could be ascertained with management team, owners and customers.

One Stop Centralized Solution

Prior to DreamzCMMS, the Coffee brand Company used paper based service books in addition to a field service app. The field service app was not fulfilling the needs. It could not track maintenance work orders, relevant costs and the entire life cycle including inventory and required purchasing needs. Generating appropriate invoices and reports with trustworthy supporting data was not available before DreamzCMMS. With the need to manage Internal and external Assets, the process was quite Complex to generate invoices and tracking inventory.

With the existing field app and paper based system, it was too cumbersome and complex to manage the entire process. DreamzCMMS provided a centralized solution to all this. It allowed to consolidate all the information across Coffee equipment and parts inventory, maintenance life cycle, purchasing and invoicing in a centralized system, DreamzCMMS. 

Rewarding Implementation Effort

Initially, the technicians were unfamiliar with the new procedures and processes. The Coffee brand had to upload a huge amount of parts and equipment data. After all this hard work, the end result was rewarding. Everyone was Happy and satisfied with the new system. 

The Operations Manager and the Management praised DreamzCMMS implementation team. They felt that they are one of the most complicated scenario customers of DreamzCMMS. This challenging situation was very well handled by DreamzCMMS implementation team and was highly appreciated. 

Real Time Equipment Condition Exposed

Tracking the assets internally and across external customers was a major challenge to the maintenance team. 

DreamzCMMS provides a centralized repository for all maintenance information that is accessible from anywhere, anytime. The Operations Manager said “Now tracking of service history for each machine with DreamzCMMS became easy”. DreamzCMMS provides a better idea to the maintenance team. It helps when an equipment may need to be fixed or to perform preventive maintenance on a machine. As a result it reduces the reactive maintenance. It also provides data based insight. So that team can decide whether to continue with a machine or to replace based on maintenance history. 

Earlier, due to mostly manual  and paper based mode. Most of the information tended to be lost when a technician was unavailable or left the company. 

Any new technician had to start almost with a blank sheet. It was tough to retrieve any historical information from the manual process or from  a pile of papers. They were at a loss to understand the current situation and condition of  a machine. 

With DreamzCMMS, all maintenance information stored, creates a historical repository available to future technicians to refer to. This made the induction and onboarding process super easy and efficient. DreamzCMMS also enables relevant checklists that team can create and upload in the system for the maintenance work orders. It ensures that the technicians do not miss any maintenance steps.

Fostering Effective Communication and Better Relationships

DreamzCMMS stores and maintains all relevant important information which helps the technicians to justify their work effort, costs etc. Thus enabling them to better explain to the customer the invoices raised. customers also convinced and satisfied with data supported trustworthy invoices, the . DreamzCMMS provides visibility to all invoice breakdowns leading to greater trust and better relationships.

Effective and diligent Inventory maintenance within DreamzCMMS helps the equipment Sales team to be able to be aware of the stock positions and fulfill demands appropriately. Clarity on availability saves time and effort for the Sales and Accounting team during the Sales cycle.

Parts Availability Reduces Downtime

Earlier, due to lack of an effective Inventory management for parts, the coffee brand used to lose time and money. And it was just due to unavailability of required parts during maintenance.

DreamzCMMS ensures availability of all required parts just in time based on the threshold values defined. It sends alerts for replenishments in due time which ensures availability during the hour of need.

This reduces downtime, enables a better turnaround time for maintenance causing customer satisfaction and also saving costs.

Downtime has now reduced from weeks to days.

Proactive Maintenance Saves Time

DreamzCMMS with all its historical data and intelligent reporting helped the Coffee brand to better plan for its maintenance activities. It helps in analyzing the historical data and coming up with an effective preventive maintenance plan and to schedule those. This leads to proactive maintenance reducing downtime. Reactive maintenance has now reduced drastically by almost 70%. Hence, Panic calls or emergency needs have also gone down.

Intelligent Reporting Helps Decision Makers 

DreamzCMMS provides the detailed data and analysis. It provides the basis of a good discussion with both the management and owners.

The trustworthy detailed data and reports helped the maintenance team and managers to have a meaningful discussion with management. They can come up with definitive action points for the future to assist decision makers.


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