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Beverage Bottling Company Minimizes Interruption in Production Line

Published On February 1, 2022     |     5 Min Read

Beverage Bottling manufacturing - DreamzCMMS

The Customer, a beverage bottling company, replaced a cumbersome, outdated desktop solution with DreamzCMMS.


The customer was facing issues with its maintenance process while using an old, cumbersome, software. The existing application could not generate required reports and had a complex data entry process. All these issues with the existing software necessitated a change and implementation of an appropriate CMMS software.


DreamzCMMS was selected as the solution to the ongoing problem with the existing software. The maintenance team and technicians were used to using desktop software, however DreamzCMMS mobile App opened a new world to them. It was much easier for the technicians and operators to use the mobile app and enter data easily real time.

The Company wanted to provide an online digital solution to the technician and operators. They should be able to update any maintenance work request (Work Order) with all relevant details like Completion Notes, Problems, Root Causes, Solutions and Capture Photos to illustrate the issue and solution. DreamzCMMS offered all of these and an easy to use interface for them.

DreamzCMMS enabled the maintenance manager to have a closer view on maintenance requests and associated costs. With the intelligent data storage and reports available, it is now easy to make an informed replacement decision of an equipment in the correct time. 

DreamzCMMS helped the maintenance team to remain updated in real time about the constantly changing status of all its equipment.

Cultural Change Facilitated Successful Implementation

The Company had a legacy of using the old system. Though, it was not at all helpful, but the maintenance team, technicians and Operators were used to it. Hence, a drastic cultural and mind set change was required for the team to reap the benefits of DreamzCMMS and to be comfortable with the new system. 

Slowly, during the first six months after implementation, the company focused on the cultural change around maintenance. Attention was given to build trust between all stakeholders of maintenance activities like Technicians, Operators, Managers and relevant management staff. Training the maintenance team on using DreamzCMMS was also done carefully.

Since the old system was not at all helpful and the data in it was not organized to be migrated to DreamzCMMS effectively, hence, the business built its asset data in DreamzCMMS from scratch. All Open Work Orders were created in the system along with relevant information from the old system. 

The maintenance team, technicians were skeptical about the new system due to their bad experience with the Old system. The technicians did not have any faith in the old system and often would work in silos keeping the Operations in dark. 

The focus on cultural change for the entire team slowly worked. After about 12 Months, communication and transparency improved greatly among the various teams using DreamzCMMS. After about 18 months, the maintenance team was much more structured and planned. The requests were getting done easily in a planned manner without any chaos.

Trust achieved through Transparent Communications

Work orders created in DreamzCMMS are visible to all, real time status is available and required feedback could be provided. Anyone can easily check whether a work order is on hold or what is the current status. This helped the requesters to trust and believe in the maintenance teams’ work and progress. something.

The Beverage bottling company works in shifts around the clock. DreamzCMMS helped in visibility and transparency while transitioning between Shifts. The handover and takeover became easy through real time status in DreamzCMMS. 

The Afternoon shift operators and technicians could see what happened during the morning shift and what’s pending for them in DreamzCMMS. The technicians are putting in all details around maintenance work like when spare parts are ordered and expected etc.. This process and communication increased across the organizations. The Operators now know exactly what’s going on with their requests and machines, which technician is working on it and when it will be possibly Fixed. 

Greater Efficiency and Better Control

DreamzCMMS allows the Beverage Bottling company to work more efficiently as a team, plan and schedule according to workload and skill levels. Capacity planning for maintenance works became easier utilizing the data available and the reports provided by DreamzCMMS.

The knowledge repository within the system helps technicians to work more efficiently and also to be cross trained. 

During team meetings, accomplishments which are evident from the system information are celebrated. 

The Operators and technicians are happy using DreamzCMMS which helps them to work more effectively and to control their own work.

Minimal Downtime with Preventive Maintenance

Once the entire system stabilized and the teams were comfortable, the company began to focus on preventive maintenance. Preventive maintenance was planned based on the historical information available from DreamzCMMS for the last 18 Months. 

Due to the nature of the manufacturing process flow, any single machine breakdown can stop the entire production line. The maintenance team needs to ensure that the entire production line is up and running round the clock. Any breakdown of Beverage bottling equipment will cost a significant amount of money from lost production and labor. With effective Preventive Maintenance planning and implementation with DreamzCMMS, the downtime became minimal.

DreamzCMMS helps in better performance analysis of each and every machine. Repeated failures or maintenance needs could be highlighted. Also, if an equipment is susceptible to failure every month, preventive maintenance in the correct time could be scheduled to avoid the failure. Major overhauls could be planned efficiently when the production line was planned to be down.

The bottling plant started having fewer breakdowns due to better preventive maintenance.

Continuous Improvement through KPIs

Once the efficiency is gained through DreamzCMMS on the overall Maintenance process, the entire team is Happy to leverage it more. They now plan to focus on defining key performance indicators (KPIs) and move towards continuous improvement through the comparisons with defined KPIs. This information will help management make better, smarter business decisions.


Business Benefits Achieved

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