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Agricultural platform reduces equipment downtime

Published On January 28, 2022     |     5 Min Read

Agricultural platform reduces equipment downtime with DreamzCMMS

The Customer, an agricultural company, provides sustainable agricultural solutions to farmers. They work with stakeholders and producers to enable farmers with a platform to buy and sell farm commodities. The company selected DreamzCMMS Mobile App as their new maintenance system to reduce equipment downtime.


The Agriculture Company served several farms across an area of 250 mile radius.

The Company in its initial days used a manual paper based checklist for the purpose of maintenance records while there were only two technicians. This process was helping to some extent but it really did not help in organizing the entire maintenance process. With the increased business and expansion to multiple facilities this became even challenging.

They tried various record-keeping solutions to document the maintenance process and solutions to cater to regulatory needs for the maintenance team did not deliver what was expected. This had put the maintenance team in a challenging situation.


After detailed analysis among various Digital solutions for Maintenance management, the Company decided to move to DreamzCMMS. With DreamzCMMS, they have been able to plan better for maintenance tasks, improve efficiency, customer satisfaction and visibility through  efficient team communication. Equipment downtime at the processing factories reduced a lot leading to happy technicians and farmers.

Reducing Maintenance Time

Previous solutions consumed a lot of team time to enter and maintain details of an Work order. The system was web based only and the team almost had to do a double entry for the maintenance records by first recording in a paper and then keying those in the web based system from their desk. 

On top of that, the system was very slow and cumbersome involving multiple complex steps to enter the Work Order details. This consumed a lot of time and caused frustration to the maintenance team. 

In the earlier system, the technicians were spending almost the majority of the day completing a Work Order in the system. 

While using DreamzCMMS mobile app, the Work Order management process became significantly faster. User can update the Work Order very quickly with the mobile app, from anywhere anytime. They can manage all details in real time. In the process, the overall efficiency has improved grossly. 

Improved Efficiency From DreamzCMMS  Offered Streamlined Operation

DreamzCMMS resulted in enough efficiency gain which could balance the loss of few technicians from the team. With the usage of DreamzCMMS, the efficiency could be maintained even with a reduced technician team size. This resulted in saving money also. DreamzCMMS has helped the customer to manage a thousand assets. 

Earlier, the maintenance team had to employ external technicians as contractors for specific maintenance projects. DreamzCMMS facilitated the customer to move these maintenance projects in-house, reducing cost and improving overall efficiency. Avoiding external technician charge, travel, food and accommodation expenses saved the customer a lot of money. 

Earlier, while waiting for external technicians, the company experienced considerable equipment downtime. Now, with DreamzCMMS, the company has drastically minimized the outsourced technician turn-around-time to inform, update and perform using the DreamzCMMS Mobile app.

DeamzCMMS Incident Request Portal streamline and Track All Issues

DreamzCMMS offers an Incident management process as its integral part for all authorized users. It also provides a portal link for all users who will be able to report any issues through the portal link. These reported incidents are trackable, tracable and managable with the DreamzCMMS software and Mobile app, real time. This helped the team to stay organized and prioritize tasks. After implementation of DreamzCMMS, the maintenance team had mandated all users and stakeholders to report any issues or maintenance needed in the system. Now, unless a request is in the new system, it doesn’t exist. Everything is documented now and stored in the system digitally.

DreamzCMMS allows the maintenance team to filter all work by location and plan for all work orders. This caused better organization, planning and saved a lot of time and money.

Better Communication Improved Trust and Team Work

Earlier, there was a lack of transparency between maintenance services requesters and the technicians. This resulted in miscommunication, frustrations, and lack of trust among team members.

There was a complete breakdown in communication causing frustration for the Operators. This sometimes caused even the real issues not to be reported for maintenance. DreamzCMMS has changed all that and thus reduces the extra time before and after a breakdown which counts along with equipment downtime.

Since everything is in DreamzCMMS system, all stakeholders have complete visibility in all documentation and status of a job. As a result, the trust among all the stakeholders has increased. 

QR Codes Impress Auditors

The customer has also decided to use the QR Codes feature of DreamzCMMS to identify and track all its equipment. This impressed the visiting auditors to a great extent. 

The auditors were convinced with the improved process with DreamzCMMS and understood the progress achieved. Earlier, the auditor had to move across facilities to review and look for every paper based record. Now, the Auditor uses the DreamzCMMS Mobile App while moving between facilities, scanning QR codes and getting all records for an equipment. Also they can get the equipment downtime report and finally review all required information from DreamzCMMS


Business Benefits Achieved

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