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AgriBusiness improves production by Asset tracking

Published On January 24, 2022     |     5 Min Read

Agribusiness - asset equipment tracking DreamzCMMS

The Floriculture Company is engaged in cultivation and supply of exquisite flowers. Having a greenhouse, they needed to continuously monitor parameters for quality of crops. The company was using a legacy solution which only helped them to some extent. There they could create ad hoc work orders but that does not manage proper Asset performance tracking.


Having a greenhouse, they needed to continuously monitor their facility parameters for quality of crops.  The legacy system didn’t help them with their cyclic seasonal requirements and proactive monitoring. 

With a cyclical seasonal schedule, the company needed a maintenance management solution. So that they can plan and schedule what needs to be done at the beginning and end of the season.


Quick Implementation

With new technology required for maintenance and proactive monitoring, the company hired a technical consultant who could lead the implementation. The company has a small team of 10 technicians who manage 22 facilities. 

After DreamzCMMS mobile app was selected, the implementation team worked closely with the consultant and within a couple of weeks, all 22 facilities were up in DreamzCMMS. Technicians required only minimal training; they started to plan and schedule work orders.

Asset and Labor Tracking 

During implementation, the technician team with the help of DreamzCMMS implementation team worked to build the asset register and started with scheduled work orders. They added all the required maintenance activities in a checklist and attached them to work orders, as necessary.

In every work order, with each required activity, a technician is assigned with estimated hours. Using the DreamzCMMS Mobile App, technicians log hours, findings, completion notes, attach images and take video of fixed area or equipment and close work order.

This activity helped them in understanding and gathering information about their maintenance activities. Also that helps in tracking asset maintenance history and technicians as well.

Setting up Routine Maintenance Cycle 

Cultivation in the greenhouse needs routine inspection and maintenance, with a cyclic season for crops. It is essential to find and fix any defect in the greenhouse before and after completion of crops cultivation. 

A Schedule of Routine Inspection work at the beginning and end of season is scheduled and assigned for each of the facilities to technicians. Another schedule is prepared after 3 days from the completion date of routine work to fix the facilities.

Checklist of activities are attached to each of the work orders where technicians can mark each of activities pertaining to a specific part or function of the facilities.

Proactive Monitoring of Facility

Greenhouses need proactive monitoring for ample bright sunlight. Also it needs low temperature range (10 °C to 28 °C), high temperature range (20 °C to 28 °C). Moreover it needs humidity  of 75% to 90%  and certain soil conditions. The client approached DreamzCMMS team for proactive monitoring solutions. As they knew that DreamzCMMS supports IoT Sensors and it was one of the reasons for choosing it.

DreamzCMMS team suggested using Internet based sensors to proactively report and log data for proactive monitoring. They can access available data to monitor air quality, soil moisture, temperature from sensors. They set up a threshold limit for each of their sensors at various facilities. 

Whenever a sensor reports a breach in threshold  limit, a maintenance job (work order) is automatically created. Also that assigned to a technician, following a defined automated workflow. Emergency work orders are assigned to a specific technician team and they are notified immediately on the DreamzCMMS Mobile App.

This workflow helped them to improve quality and productivity.


Business Benefits Achieved

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