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Equipment Tracking and Inventory Management becomes easier

Published On December 16, 2021     |     5 Min Read

Agribusiness farming equipment maintenance with DreamzCMMS

An Agribusiness company uses DreamzCMMS for smart tracking of farming equipment, parts & supplies which creates significant savings in inventory items and improves productivity.


The company owns many farmlands for growing and harvesting exotic fruits, vegetables and cereals. They have multiple facilities to store, process and supply cultivations. Due to the disparate nature, they have a complex maintenance process to manage Agribusiness farming equipment, processing units equipment and logistics fleet.


In order to maintain farmlands, farming equipment and fleet efficiently, the company sought for a system that could meet their needs for maintenance and keep all information in one place. 

DreamzCMMS helps them to achieve efficient production through efficient maintenance. The company keeps track of all their suppliers and inventory of the parts they need for maintenance.

Building Asset Register and Inventory

The company added each of their farmlands, facilities  and their details like geolocation, floor plan. The have added  all the Agribusiness farming equipment and supply parts into DreamzCMMS. The maintenance of their MRO Inventory of parts and supplies are now in DreamzCMMS. They created the Bill of materials list (list of parts and tools) for the equipment. 

Using this list (BOM), technicians know what parts and tools are associated with an equipment. And they can send a purchase request for those parts if unavailable  in inventory.

Integrated Solution for Maintenance and Fleet Tracking

The company implemented DreamzCMMS for asset and maintenance management of their Agribusiness farming equipment and fleet. The system is integrated with DreamzTech Fleet Management Solution to keep track of the vehicles. The integration helped them with quick access to maintenance information. So on one hand they managed their fleet maintenance with work order and planned maintenance based on service warranty from Manufacturer. And on  other hand performed regular maintenance activities like routine inspections and, ad hoc maintenance.

They used DreamzTech Fleet Tracking solution which uses Internet-connected GPS Sensor for Fleet Tracking. Also it has other features like Geofencing, Route Planning, Setup Alerts and more they used.

Efficient Inventory Solution

The company was facing a lot of irregularities in their inventory management. Technicians would simply purchase. Or they would just manually order to purchase parts for maintenance work  without taking a note of the existing inventory. This happened due to lack of visibility of Inventory. After implementing DreamzCMMS, Inventory management became easy , centralized and provided easy visibility to all.

Replenishment requests auto generated in case of lower count than threshold limit. Hence the overstocking could also be avoided along with unnecessary purchasing. This saved a lot of money to the business. It helped in maintaining just required stock to cater to maintenance needs timely and avoid over stocks. 

With DreamzCMMS, the company labeled  their inventory items with QR Codes printed from the platform. Using the mobile app, technicians will scan the label code printed on part. Then after technician team used in maintenance activities. Inventory manager validated daily utilizations from reports. Based on the historical data, the inventory manager made decisions to procure and keep a minimum available parts which needs frequently for critical assets.

Created a Smart Storage Facility

After about six months of implementation, the management team decided to make their facility smarter. When they found out that they are accumulating lots of wastes during processing caused by poor storage conditions. Then they took the decision.

DreamzCMMS team suggested using Internet based sensors to promptly report and log data which can be monitored continually. With the available data to monitor air quality, moisture, temperature from sensors, they set up a threshold limit for each of their sensors at various facilities. Whenever a sensor reports breach in limit, DreamzCMMS creates a maintenance job (work order) and assigned to a technician.

This workflow helped them to improve quality and productivity.


Business Benefits Achieved

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