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RFID solution for Healthcare Industry

Improve efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance patient safety

RFID solutions in the hospital industry enhance the service quality and managing the compliance of the healthcare process. Moreover it helps in asset movement tracking to save from theft. Everyday the healthcare people are going through various emergencies, and a critical time bounding process. So managing assets and the patient becomes tough. The RFID solution reduces the process time and increases the efficiency.

Patient tracking

Healthcare service people can attach wristbands with RFID tags to patients, which can then be tracked throughout the hospital. This helps the hospitals to keep track of patients’ movements, monitor wait times, and ensure that patients are receiving the care they need in a timely manner.

Inventory management

Hospitals can attach RFID tags to medical equipment, supplies, and medication. The RFID solution allows hospitals to track their location and usage. Also it keeps the log of asset movement between facilities. Therefore every movement due to any maintenance task or some others is very much traceable. This can help hospitals optimize inventory levels and reduce waste.

Asset tracking

Hospitals can attach RFID tags to all their assets like wheelchairs, beds, and infusion pumps. The solution can keep the every movement of assets located in every ward of inpatient and outpatient departments in a hospital. This can help hospitals reduce the time and effort required to locate equipment and ensure that it is available when needed. Also the CMMS module will help in identifying the status of assets as it can generate a powerful dashboard to get the depreciated asset values, maintenance costs and others on a single click.

Temperature monitoring

RFID solution enables the hospital users to monitor the temperature of vaccines, blood products, and other temperature-sensitive items if the RFID tag is attached to these. Hence it helps hospitals to ensure that these items are stored and transported at the appropriate temperature, reducing the risk of spoilage.

Patient safety

The RFID solution can be used for Patient location tracking with RFID tags that identify the exact location of patients who are at risk of wandering, such as those with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. So it is a big relief for the hospitals as it ensures that these patients are safe and prevents them from getting lost.


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