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DreamzCMMS – Purchase Returns

Purchase return process involves returning of procured items to the supplier or seller. Following a successful return of the purchase, the inventory of the company gets settled automatically.

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Purchase returns are closely monitored to avoid any financial loss. Purchase returns can be initiated under the following circumstances:

  • In the event of excess procurement
  • Items received from the vendor that are defective
  • Items received are not matching the description

How to Initiate Purchase Returns with DreamzCMMS

Identify the Items & the Reasons for Return

In this step, one needs to identify the items along with their quantities which need to be returned. It is also important to find the actual cause of return, otherwise the business can be adversely impacted by a financial loss if any.

Create Purchase Return

Once the items to be returned have been identified, one needs to create a purchase return which is done by furnishing the details like return details, invoice details and items (as well as quantities) for the return. Once the details are provided and submitted, the system creates and registers the purchase return.

Track Purchase Return

The stakeholders associated with the purchase return can view and track the progress of the purchase return from status and history in real-time

Get Inventory Stock Updates After Purchase Returns

When a purchase return is created, the stocks in the inventory get automatically updated according to the items and quantities specified in the purchase return.

Purchase Return Cancellation

Purchase returns can be canceled anytime. Canceling a purchase return adds the items back to the inventory.

DreamzCMMS purchase return functionality simplifies the process of executing purchase returns and helps to monitor inventory stock and purchase returns in real-time.

Benefits of Purchase Return in DreamzCMMS

Track items that are being returned to the vendor.
Purchase returns can be initiated anytime & from anywhere.
Get real-time updates on status changes of a returning item.
Initiate a purchase return based on available quantity of items in inventory.

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