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Personnel Tracking Solution with RFID

A real time RFID solution to track the asset along with the personnel to ensure workplace safe, secured and accountable

A fully integrated personnel tracking solution which helps in monitoring the asset as well as personnel of organization in real-time. The system consists of cloud based personnel tracking software, RFID Wearable Tags and the RFID Readers. Personnel Tracking System empowers you with the exact location of personnel to ensure workplace safety, security, and accountability.

Personnel inventory

The management team can check the details of the last known position of assets as well as personnel and the trail of historical movements. For large retail shop or hospital this solution becomes very effective for the accountability purpose

Attendance Tracking

For the organizations personnel record are stored and the attendance is taken using RFID tag within a proximity of about an inch from the reader. For the educational institution tracking the attendance becomes smooth, secured and faster

Attendee tracking for events

In case of various events, attendees are given RFID tag based wearable items such as lanyards, badges, and wristbands that contain pre-registered guest information to validate the attendance.


The RFID solution supports integration with various hardwares using API calls, CSV exchanges, and any other requested method. The web module helps in printing or Encoding RFID Tags

Multi-User System

The solution is cloud based and supports the SAAS model. You can create an unlimited number of users to access the web and mobile application with various user roles and levels.


Various reports are available in the system to get the movement report. You can export the reports into xlsx or pdf. Also it allows custom reports as per requirement with minimal one-time fees.

Various industries are using RFID solutions like retail, manufacturing, hospital, agriculture, oil & gas, education etc. If the size of the organization is large then RFID solution becomes mandatory which reduces the cost but provide effective, fast and accurate tracking

Other Industries Covered

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