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DreamzCMMS – Nested Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance plays a crucial role in any CMMS. Through DreamzCMMS, one can easily plan and effectively manage preventive maintenance activities. There are even critical and complex assets which need a series of maintenance activities to be performed sequentially at defined intervals and meter readings. This at times makes it trickier to plan for the same. To manage such maintenance needs, DreamzCMMS offers the Nested Preventive Maintenance Solution.

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Nested Preventive Maintenance can be illustrated with an example of a refrigeration unit in a plant. In order to maintain a refrigeration unit, multiple maintenance activities need to be performed with dependency, starting from the same service date as follows:

  • Clean the equipment (every month)
  • Check settings (every month)
  • Defrost on schedule (every month)
  • Clean out units to prevent crowding (packing up of the refrigeration unit for free air flow within) (every 2 months)
  • Clear the area to maximize airflow (every 2 months)
  • Inspect seals & fix leaks (every 4 months)
  • Check interior lights (every 4 months)
  • Check interior lights (every 4 months)

Each nested activity can be assigned to an individual technician, making management of work plans and work orders for an asset, at scheduled intervals, lot more effective.

How To Implement Nested Preventive Maintenance on Assets using DreamzCMMS

Identify The Assets that require Regular Maintenance

Create scheduled maintenance activities for assets that require regular maintenance. To evaluate an asset, the following parameters must be considered:

  • Critical assets along the production line which may cause huge losses if they breakdown or malfunction
  • Assets that have minimal rest hours / working 24×7 to maintain production
  • Assets that must be compliant with the prescribed regulatory standards to provide a perfect output (such as in the pharmaceutical industry)

Plan Scheduled Preventive Maintenance Activities

Once assets have been identified, preventive maintenance activities need to be planned for them.

An asset can be assigned a scheduled maintenance activity by providing details like activity name, priority, location (of the asset) and description. An asset can even have multiple nested scheduled maintenance activities tagged to it.

Identify The Maintenance Activities needed

This step serves as the starting point for all maintenance activities. Different maintenance activities have different durations / rounds of scheduled maintenance. At this step, all the individual maintenance activities are identified to create nested activities.

Create Nested Activities

Once all the maintenance activities for an asset have been identified, one needs to create nested activities for each one of them. Each maintenance activity is treated as a nested activity. The process to create nested activities is as follows:

  • The first step is to create the nested activity that requires the shortest maintenance cycle and period of time. In the above example, cleaning the equipment takes 1 month, which is of the shortest duration amongst all.
  • Creating the first nested activity and considering the same as the parent activity allows you to create nested activities. The duration of the nested activities will be defined as the multiplier of the parent activity.
    In the above example, if the activity of cleaning the equipment requires 1 Month, then the activity of clearing out the equipment units to prevent crowding (2 Months) will be set at a multiplier of 2 (based on the parent activity).
  • Using the above mentioned steps, all nested activities are created.

Assign Nested Activities To Technicians

Each nested activity can now be assigned to a technician based on their specialization. Following this, work orders are created for each of them.

Take advantage of nested preventive maintenance of DreamzCMMS to improve management and visibility of preventive maintenance activities and as a result, reduce the burden on your workforce as well as get the job done perfectly.

Benefits of Nested Preventive Maintenance by DreamzCMMS

With the maintenance goals established ahead of time, the management can make the most effective plan for executing the maintenance activities.
Each nested activity will be handled by a specialized technician, ensuring that the activity is done correctly.
The technicians are all working on the same asset, so they are interdependent on one another thus enabling better coordination to accomplish the goals.
Through a maintenance schedule, unplanned breakdowns are eliminated, reducing operational downtimes.

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