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Advantages of implementing CMMS in food and beverage industry

Published On February 22, 2022     |     5 Min Read

CMMS for food and beverage industry

An efficient CMMS solution can provide the best solution for the management of facilities in the food and beverage industry. The management of manufacturing, packaging and distribution equipment in a food and beverage industry is quite different from any other production unit. 

A CMMS solution can effectively execute all kinds of fixed asset management, maintenance or inspection service requests and schedule preventive maintenance to utilize equipment more efficiently in an optimal condition. CMMS will not only maximize the performance of the assets but will also help to control all kinds of costs incurred in the industry.

It is very important for the food and beverage industry to provide safe and quality food. CMMS is a feature rich application that  helps the owners of manufacturing units to meet all the requirements. Using a preventive maintenance plan, maintenance teams are able to manage as well as maintain the schedules. This helps to increase the lifespan of the assets and also decrease the down time for equipment. 

Strategies for effective utilization of CMMS

Work Order Automation and Preventive Schedules 

The core of any maintenance strategy is to minimize the turn-around time (TAT) between occurrence to fixing. Manual reporting of problems, manual creation and assigning of work order etc. increases the turnaround time. In order to minimize it, it’s recommended to increase automation using technology and workflow to quickly report any downtime, service requests. 

Preventive Maintenance can be used to automate work order creation based on equipment condition and meter readings. Industrial sensors which are connected to equipment can also reduce the downtime dramatically reporting equipment conditions and creating work orders for inspection or maintenance based on equipment working threshold.

Document management through PM Strategies 

A strong document management will help you to protect ROI and mitigate risk. Centralized data storage will help to maintain consistency. It will allow easy and quick data retrieval as well as provide strong security to information stored. Using maintenance documents you can prepare for Audits, such as the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI), Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), and ISO 22000 Audit.

Having Mobile App for Synced with today’s world

Using a Mobile CMMS App truly allows you to be on-the-go for the Food and Beverages Industry with your maintenance operations. Mobile app, available on iPhone and Android, helps in real time update of job, just a tap away. It includes work order notifications, Asset Lists, QR code Scanning and more. Features like offline mode and easier work order management put everything at your fingertips—wherever work takes you. That means anytime, anywhere access to your maintenance software on any mobile device, so you can work without any limitations.

Advantages of implementing CMMS in the food and beverage industry

Increases the Document Visibility

There are a lot of critical documents in the food and beverage industries. In order to streamline these records, implementing CMMS is the best solution. They help to attach the equipment along with their useful information. They help to keep a record of the purchases and also finances. 

Streamlines the schedules of the employees

It is very important to make the maintenance process automatic in the present day generation. CMMS helps to efficiently schedule the work and also plan out by tracking the smallest details at regular intervals. It also helps in tracking the work and labor hours of every technician working on a particular work order.

Helps to find the real importance of preventive maintenance

As the food and beverage industry considers preventive maintenance to be highly important. Preventive maintenance in each operation whether it could be tracking of equipment or lubricating and cleaning them. It occurs at regular intervals. When machines produce food in well maintained way, need to follow the required safety norms and cleanliness, the food produced will be of a better quality. 

Helps to follow safety and compliance protocol

The food and beverage industries are quite particular about the parameters related to health and safety. They follow strict standards and demonstrate a set of rules. CMMS is ready to be used efficiently to track the compliance with proper inspection that needs to be done at the scheduled time.

Well maintained inventory

No business can work or operate without the fully functional equipment. CMMS solution helps to manage all assets by looking at its location and the appropriate status real time. Each device along with its service request and details of the technicians involved in the production process are updated in the software.

Role of DreamzCMMS in Food and Beverage Industry

The Food and Beverages Industry requires a CMMS which will help them to automate work order activities, workflow, condition-based maintenance, IoT based Proactive Monitoring, Preventive Maintenance and more.

DreamzCMMS,  an industry leading maintenance management solution having intelligent features and Industry 4.0 enabled solution with IoT devices. This CMMS solution is a preferred solution for food and beverage manufacturers, packaging companies and F&B Logistics companies.

To get a better understanding of more features and benefits of DreamzCMMS call us today.


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