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5 Benefits of using CMMS Software in Manufacturing Industry

Published On April 1, 2022     |     5 Min Read

CMMS for manufacturing maintenance

Some of the major challenges are lengthy downtime of machines, lack of data of assets, and slow production procedures in Manufacturing Industry. Equipment downtime impacts productivity and financials of an organization. Moreover, the equipment used in a manufacturing unit is very expensive and their replacement is a costly affair. Thus, most of these Manufacturing units are inclined towards a CMMS that is specifically targeted to meet maintenance needs.

Major challenges faced in manufacturing industries:

  • Lack of performance data of important equipment
  • Under stocked or overstocked spare parts in the inventory
  • Missed or deferred work orders for Maintenance
  • Expensive replacement procedures of machineries

With a dedicated CMMS solution focused for manufacturing maintenance procedures, the above mentioned issues can be easily resolved.

Let us discuss in details the 5 benefits of using CMMS software in manufacturing units

Run equipment optimally leveraging Scheduled Preventive Maintenance

To avoid costly outages of equipment, scheduled preventive maintenance is the right approach. In this approach, regular checks are performed on equipment while they are still working. The motive of this process is to have the maintenance scheduled at regular intervals to prevent unplanned downtime. The managers will be able to access all past reports of service or repair. They will also have the real time data such as usage, run time, condition, etc. handy based on which maintenance schedule can be initiated. CMMS enables the maintenance team to plan and define automated scheduled maintenance. This saves the time and effort for manual tracking, error prone process of remembering from a spreadsheet or a paper. With defined scheduled maintenance, the CMMS system generates automated Maintenance Work orders and assigns those to Technicians as required, all without any manual intervention or effort to remember.

Bring Down Unplanned Downtime

The machineries used in a manufacturing unit are usually very expensive. If any part of the equipment becomes faulty, production gets hampered considerably. However, if the maintenance of assets are regular, they become less prone to failures or breakdowns. Naturally, with less failure, repair costs decreases and productivity increases. Hence, CMMS software that can assure good working conditions of assets that will reduce downtime and maximize uptime can greatly benefit the maintenance managers of manufacturing units. CMMS helps the Manufacturing Unit achieve this by automating the maintenance process to a great extent, defining scheduled maintenance, maintaining historical records of maintenance and providing the decision makers with data driven Input.

Improve Labor Productivity

Maintenance technicians get easy access to data that needs for scheduled maintenance, such as name of the parts and spares, step-by-step procedure to follow for repair work, etc. A lot of such important information available in the CMMS software that helps the technicians to conduct the repair work efficiently without any delay. CMMS provides a readily available Checklist for Tasks and maintains a knowledge repository related to the maintenance of the Asset. This facilitates efficient maintenance activity by Technicians improving productivity.

Easy tracking of Work Orders

With the help of CMMS software, maintenance managers can track, organize, assign, prioritize and review work orders of their team. Not only managers, the technicians, operators, engineers or any authorized stakeholders can also access this data and can provide required inputs. This may include status of changed parts, update job status, submit repair requests, etc. CMMS enables stakeholders to update and view real time status of an asset with the help of centrally located information related to the Work Order and Asset. And all these information are accessible from Mobile App also.

The CMMS data can also store huge amounts of data pertaining to past information of repair done that helps in planning future maintenance procedures. You can also get data about user manuals, repair history, operational checklists, etc.

Access data Anytime from Anywhere

Users can access, upload or edit data from anywhere with the help of a cloud-based computerized maintenance management system. Hence, field workers can also access maintenance data and perform without having to wait for a call or an email. The information is accessible from anywhere, anytime through the CMMS Mobile App.

Things to remember while selecting the right CMMS solution

  • Challenges in your present maintenance process
  • Features required in the CMMS solution to fulfill your requirements
  • Evaluate the CMMS software with respect to the challenges that needs to address
  • The Level of automation and accessibility of the CMMS
  • Availability of corresponding Mobile App for the CMMS Software

The Bottom line

One of the important benefits of using CMMS for manufacturing plants is maintaining business compliance. And to avoid injuries and accidents in the plant, it should maintain several rules and regulations. CMMS software helps in maintaining documentation of the maintenance services of assets and providing proof of the same to the regulatory bodies. Implementing CMMS software is a step towards investing in the company’s growth and future. To know more about how DreamzCMMS can help your manufacturing plant grow and function full-fledged, contact us today.


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