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DreamzCMMS: Revolutionize Your Asset Management

Embrace the future with DreamzCMMS, where innovation meets execution. As your Next-Gen Automation Partner, we’re at the forefront of technological advancements. Together, we transform visions into streamlined realities. DreamzCMMS is at the forefront of technological innovation, offering solutions that drive efficiency, transparency, and robust management across multiple industries. Let’s explore the incredible features that make DreamzCMMS a leader in CMMS and EAM:

RFID Automated Solutions

Integrated with

    Integrated with world-renowned platforms like Zebra, Chainway, and Shopify, our RFID solutions ensure seamless tracking and identification of assets, reducing human error and enhancing inventory accuracy.

Automated Work Order Management

Achieve consistency and control in your daily operations with our sophisticated workflow automation. Tailor every process to your needs and let the system take care of the rest.

OpenAI Based Generative AI Solutions

Leveraging cutting-edge AI technology, DreamzCMMS offers advanced automation that learns and adapts to your unique requirements, providing intelligent solutions that grow with your business.

ChatGPT based Training Application

Utilize our ChatGPT technology to provide interactive and intuitive training. Facilitate learning through conversation and empower your team with knowledge at their fingertips.

Forecasting and Anomaly Detection

Utilize our sophisticated algorithms for accurate forecasting and early detection of anomalies, ensuring stability and preventing unexpected issues.

Scheduled Preventive & Predictive Maintenance

Schedule maintenance tasks in advance and utilize predictive analytics to identify potential problems before they occur, minimizing downtime and extending asset lifespan.

Enterprise Asset Management

Integrated with

    With integration into leading platforms like SAP, Dynamics, Odoo, Sage, and Oracle, manage your assets efficiently and get comprehensive insights across your enterprise landscape.

DreamzCMMS: Elevating CMMS & EAM Capabilities

Experience the Future: Power-Packed Features that Define Next-Gen Enterprise Management.

Decision Making BI Reports

    Harness the synergy of DreamzCMMS integrated with Power BI. Elevate your decision-making with enriched, data-driven BI reports.

  • Asset Analytics: AI-driven insights on asset lifecycles and equipment efficiency.
  • IoT Monitoring: Real-time data integration for proactive maintenance.
  • EAM Reporting: Gauge performance and optimize return on assets.
  • KPI Dashboards: Targeted insights for inventory, facilities, and resources.
  • Predictive Forecasting: AI-powered projections on equipment failures and stock needs.

RPA and Industry 4.0 Ready Solutions

    Embrace the future with DreamzCMMS’s RPA-enabled processes and Industry 4.0 readiness. Streamline operations, boost efficiency, and drive transformative digital integration.

  • RPA streamlines CMMS tasks, ensuring timely asset upkeep.
  • Next-gen readiness for comprehensive asset lifecycle management.
  • RPA tailors CMMS tasks for evolving operational needs.
  • Real-time data harnessing for informed EAM decision-making and predictive maintenance.
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DreamzCMMS is connected to some of the best software platforms in the industry

What makes DreamzCMMS Stand Out

An innovative approach towards EAM (Enterprise Asset Management)

Code Tagging
Code Tagging DreamzCMMS
DreamzCMMS Seamless
IoT Integration
IoT Integration DreamzCMMS
DreamzCMMS Secure Blockchain
Asset Logs
Secure Blockchain
Asset Logs DreamzCMMS
DreamzCMMS Nested Preventive
Nested Preventive
Maintenance DreamzCMMS
DreamzCMMS Real time
Asset Valuation
Real time
Asset Valuation DreamzCMMS
DreamzCMMS AI Based
Rules Engine
AI Based
Rules Engine DreamzCMMS
DreamzCMMS Floor Plan
Asset Tags
Floor Plan
Asset Tags DreamzCMMS
DreamzCMMS Built in
Video Conferencing
Built in
Video Conferencing DreamzCMMS

Top-performing businesses take a Data-driven approach to maintenance that brings great results

See how clients have achieved business benefits using CMMS

Top-performing businesses take a Data-driven approach to maintenance that brings
great results

See how clients have achieved
business benefits using CMMS

Upto 25%

Reduction in
Equipment Downtime

Upto 15%

Increase in

Upto 55%

Reduction in
Maintenance Cost

Upto 55%

Enhancement in
Equipment Life

“DreamzCMMS helped us to achieve ease over daily difficulties we faced mainly for clients like AIRBUS. With DreamzCMMS we can now plan work orders, schedule them, assign them and even track easily. With preventive maintenance we no longer have to worry about missing the upcoming schedules. Parts and Supplies keep track of all and any parts used in maintenance and track the financials for assets as well. We are happy to have a solution like this helping us.”

The Solution has been awarded the “Best innovative RFID Implementation Award 2019” “DreamzCMMS facilitated CBBR, a solution to manage asset rentals and tracking within their own facilities by tagging RFID to each unique item and providing real time locations and traces movement of assets. Schedule maintenance helped us keeping kegs and containers in good shape and reduce losses. Asset Management helped us to scrape kegs and containers and plan procurements.”

“At Liqui Moly, we use DreamzCMMS for Asset Tagging and verification, Asset assessment, Maintenance budgeting and scheduling. We also use in Facilities management with Incidents and Services Request, Work Order Management and other Property services. We are quite happy using it, it’s easy to use and mobile app comes very handy when we are out for inspections and assessments.”

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