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DreamzCMMS puts you in control of your buildings like never before. Be intelligent. Operate smarter. Welcome to the new era of buildings and property management.

Don't merely manage. Don't maintain. Don't guess. Don't guesstimate. Be smart. Be proactive. Let your buildings tell you what's what before problems arise. Welcome to the future of building portfolio management. Manage your buildings smarter.

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DreamzCMMS is the next generation of Buildings and Property Management

DreamzCMMS BPM uses advanced proprietary technology to put you proactively in charge of the running, management and maintenance of your portfolio's operations. We keep you ahead of everyday maintenance, troubles and issues, before they become REAL troubles and issues.

6 Powerful Intelligent Modules

Fixed Asset Management

DreamzCMMS lets you easily group, classify, organize and track an unlimited number of assets quickly. You can bulk import from CSV or other imports. It gives real-time asset valuation and depreciation.

Know the health of your assets at every point of time and what they are costing you. View complete and detailed Asset Logs. Track additional details with custom fields. Organize your assets in a clear top-down hierarchy view. Find information quickly and easily with QR Codes/RFID. Receive real-time asset data with IoT sensor connectivity.

Maintenance Management

DreamzCMMS allows creation of planned work orders for equipment and assets, helping maintenance teams to keep machines running and maintained.

DreamzCMMS provides the right tools to increase uptime and decrease downtime. With our Preventive Maintenance module, routine maintenance and employee availability can be scheduled at your convenience. Adhering to a preventive maintenance schedule identifies any potential issue that can be fixed before it causes significant unplanned downtime.

MRO Inventory Management

Over purchasing and stale spare parts can take a big bite out of budgets. It can be very costly to just keep parts in stock sitting on a shelf.

With DreamzCMMS inventory module, users can easily see what is in stock, manage inventory orders and know when to reorder and create purchase orders. Having the right parts in inventory reduces the time-consuming task of trying to locate hard to find parts, and equipment downtime.

Purchase Management

Complete purchase cycle starting from Purchase request, RFQ, Quotation Comparison and workflow, Purchase Order, Stock Receipt & Invoice and Purchase Returns.

You can also create multi location orders and let single orders get received at multiple sites. It enables you to manage procurement cycles intuitively and efficiently. It enables you to keep track of all purchases and make informed purchase decisions based on the intelligent data driven reports available in the system.

Incident Management

Incident management is a series of activities needed to register, identify, understand and fix any issue.

Let your tenants report issues and convert them into work orders and assign them to the right technicians, and share real-time status with tenants for their satisfaction and capture completion details in images and videos.

Real-time Dashboard & Reporting

DreamzCMMS generates Insightful Reports & Dashboards when you are working.

Get complete reports across all critical activities like maintenance, assets, parts and supplies, purchase, incidents and work orders. All the reports can be extracted in various formats and downloaded helping to analyse those outside the software also.

DreamzCMMS BPM...

Take Your Operation to a New Level in 2022

Easily track Assets with RFID/QR Code Tagging
Preventive & Conditioned Maintenance through IoT device alerts
Secured Asset Transaction Logs using Blockchain
Access real time data from anywhere, anytime with DreamzCMMS Mobile App
Improve Asset life span and avoid failures through Preventive Maintenance
Real-time Asset Valuation through efficient Depreciation calculation
AI Based Rules Engine to Automate Preventive Maintenance
Interactive Floor Plan to locate Assets and respond to emergencies
Easy Integrations with existing Applications & ERPs
Connect to your team remotely for support and discussions with Built-in Video Conferencing

The benefits of DreamzCMMS Building & Property Management

Top-performing businesses
use a data-driven approach to maintenance
and management

What do smart businesses achieve using a modern CMMS platform?


Reduction in


Increase in


Reduction in


Improvement in
Useful Life


Improvement in
Asset Reliability

Better Business Management.

Operational Costs

Accurately forecast the parts that you will need for maintenance. Avoid repeated reactive maintenance works and focus more on scheduling and preventive maintenance

Easy Data
Collection & Usage

Find trends in reports, understand performance indicators and save time on preparing reports. Get real time updates and access historical information.

Reduced Downtime

Get a complete overview of your planned maintenance calendar, perform activities on time, speed-up inspections and repairs, and increase the useful life of your assets.


Optimize your maintenance schedule, standardize processes and automate work processes. Get complete access to your maintenance resources.

Health & Safety

Reduce risks through pre-programmed scheduled inspections, run snap audits, be always-prepared for external audits, remain on top of statutory compliance obligations, manage staff safety training, and much more.

Easily Connect, Collect and Share data with flexible Integrations


Frequently Asked Questions

A Computerized Maintenance Management System or CMMS is a software platform that centralizes maintenance information and facilitates the processes of maintenance operations. It helps optimize the utilization and availability of physical equipment like vehicles, machinery, communications, buildings, and infrastructures and other assets.

A CMMS helps companies of every size to organize, plan, track and simplify maintenance operations and asset management. Centralized information in the CMMS database enables maintenance managers and teams to almost call up purchase details instantly, maintenance historical details, frequency of breakdowns, parts used, efficiency ratings and more.

The information in a CMMS database supports various functions of the system, such as Asset Register, Work Order Management, Preventive Maintenance, Resource and Labor Management, Materials and Inventory Management, Reporting, Analysis and Auditing. Work orders can be viewed and tracked by all parties involved. Details can be shared across mobile devices to coordinate work in the field with operational centers. Material and resource distribution and utilization can be prioritized and optimized.

Maintenance teams can rapidly discover where an asset is, what it needs, who should work on it and when. Automating manual tasks such as ordering parts, replenishing MRO inventory, scheduling shifts, compiling information for audits and other administrative duties helps save time, reduce errors, improve productivity, and focus teams on maintenance — not administrative — tasks.

DreamzCMMS is the next generation of Buildings and Property Management

DreamzCMMS uses advanced proprietary technology for proactive management and maintenance. With Scheduled & Preventive Maintenance, DreamzCMMS enables you to plan and collate maintenance of various types and complexity together. The PM feature benefits the user with the tasks of maintenance operations. It includes the tasks in the work orders based on the schedule.

DreamzCMMS is a cloud platform which offers easy ways to sync your existing applications, data, and workflows and capture key data by connecting with our API endpoints. The synchronization of an existing application / ERP can work both-ways and both systems can run together, complementing each other. Get only what's needed in DreamzCMMS for managing asset management or maintenance operations smoothly.

DreamzCMMS BPM is our advanced CMMS system developed for and in collaboration with the buildings and property industry. It features advanced modules specifically tailored to the management and maintenance of commercial buildings and portfolios of buildings.

Curated specifically for Building and Property Maintenance Operations and featuring modules and functionalities to help you manage your property daily operations smoothly and efficiently. Giving you the complete picture of your maintenance operations and helping you make data-driven decisions.

DreamzCMMS BPM aims to be useful for everyone engaged in maintenance management and operations. For CXO, they get to know their overall maintenance benefits and KPI through Dashboards and Reports to make business decisions. Maintenance Managers or O&M Team can look to manage their daily tasks and plan efficiently.

Not just about building maintenance or management, but big picture thinking, oversight, and portfolio management.

DreamzCMMS BPM Maintenance Module helps create scheduled work orders for routine maintenance and inspections, which keeps tabs on detailed health of equipment, assets, and property. Any issue found in inspection or routine check can be documented and worked on before it causes any issue.

You can also create time-interval based or condition-based maintenance work orders, which creates tasks for technicians based on plan or events. DreamzCMMS BPM also leverages sensor based technology for proactive monitoring and maintenance activities such HVAC, AHU, Water Pumps, and more and uses rules engine to set up a threshold parameter to keep equipment running at optimal.

DreamzCMMS is a cloud platform which offers easy ways to sync your existing applications, data, and workflows and capture key data by connecting with our API endpoints.

The synchronization of an existing application / ERP such as SAP, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Quickbooks Online, Oracle Suite etc. to name a few to work both-ways and both systems can run together, complementing each other.

Get only what's needed in DreamzCMMS for managing asset management or maintenance operations smoothly.

Not at all. A typical onboarding takes about 2 – 4 Weeks to collect your base data and start your operations.

Depending on the size of implementation and complexity of your operations, there could be additional time required based on the quality and quantity of your data to be in the system.

Our implementation team will do the due diligence into your existing maintenance operations, understand your process and data. After that, they will prepare a migration plan with available quality and quantity of data.

On a ballpark basis, It can take somewhere between 3 – 10 business days, depending on size of your property and availability of data.

DreamzCMMS team provides remote support during normal working hours from 9AM — 6PM GMT. Our support channel includes — phone and email.

We also provide Onsite Support, which comes with an additional Cost.

The 14-day Free Trial Accounts come with all unlocked features of Professional Tier Subscription. You can also contact us to help you understand and use the platform and get all the professional support you need. At the end of the Trial Period, our executives will connect with you to hear your experience and help you onboard.

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