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Tricks To Make The Best Out Of CMMS Data

Published On December 28, 2021     |     5 Min Read

Tricks To Make The Best Out Of CMMS Data

No doubt that the computerized maintenance management system is designed to enhance the efficiency and performance of the production equipment. The production environment can be any setup  for e.g. a manufacturing unit or a powerplant, a facility or a warehouse. And the best thing is to get the historical CMMS data at ease.

However, to get the best out of CMMS, it is quite important to get it employed correctly and to focus on the right things. To reap the maximum return on your CMMS investment, you have to learn the trick of the trade. And that is to use the data efficiently for better planning, reducing cost, improving efficiency, and increasing safety measures.

This blog will further explain how to get the maximum benefit of using the CMMS data. Let us get rolling and understand how to make the dashboard a storehouse of useful data.

Dashboard for Work order management

In order to examine and track any type of maintenance work, use this feature of CMMS data. From here you can get information regarding:

  • Work requests
  • Open work requests
  • Closed work requests
  • Overdue work requests
  • High priority work requests
  • Backlog in work orders

Dashboard for Inventory management

The information that you can extract from here are as follows:

  • Low-stock-parts data: Use this data to avoid rush delivery charges that are always expensive
  • Overdue or awaiting approval purchase orders data: This data will help you in the follow-up procedure with vendors as well as internally
  • Data about Overdue RFQs: This data will also help you to follow-up with vendors.

Dashboard for Planning

This is the most important aspect of the dashboard and you can extract a large number of useful data from here.

  • Compliance scheduling: The information you get from here will help you to analyze whether you have the resources needed at place or whether the maintenance schedule has been completed. It can also suggest you revisit your plans.
  • Percentage showing PM task completion status: This data will inform you whether the technicians have completed the work orders, or following standard protocols, or skipping steps etc.
  • Percentage showing work completed on time: This data is useful to understand whether your timelines are realistic or not. It will also give you data about completed on time work orders
  • Percentage showing planned maintenance: Most CMMS dashboards can be customized. This allows you to filter data to set goal tracking and benchmarking. It is an excellent way to track the increasing or decreasing trend of planned maintenance percentage

KPI Dashboard:

For team performance and resources

Depreciation data:

For clear understanding of asset useful life and when to scrap or plan for procurement.

More input about CMMS data

DreamzCMMS is an incredible tool to analyze and track the maintenance procedures. However, implementing it will not only give you reduced costs or greater efficiencies. Data analysis should be a continuous and an on-going process that will help you to correctly extract actionable data. 

DreamzCMMS solutions come with in-built reports that can be used to schedule or generate work orders. DreamzCMMS Dashboards and reports provide crucial data to make data-driven and informed business decisions. 

From the DreamzCMMS, you will be able to fetch both forecasting as well as historical data. Combining and correlating them will give you an edge over others to make better insightful decisions for your business. If you want to know more about filtering reports in data or how to pin your favorites, and many more such striking uses of CMMS data, call us today. 

We, at DreamzCMMS, are eager to help you with all your queries.


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