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Top 5 benefits of CMMS in Fleet Maintenance

Published On January 25, 2022     |     5 Min Read

Fleet maintenance using CMMS

Fleet maintenance solution is the basic requirement for every fleet owner. Managing the vehicles, machines and its spare parts can be challenging and hence should be in your priority list. A fleet tracking solution should thus be optimized to stay in the competition with your peers as well as meet customer expectations at the same time.

The implementation of an efficient and modern CMMS system offers you great advantages to optimize and improve fleet maintenance procedures. Let us take a look at the top 5 benefits of using CMMS solutions.

Enhanced preventive and corrective maintenance to reduce downtime

The corrective maintenance of vehicles, machines and equipment can be greatly enhanced using CMMS software. CMMS data regarding assets, their maintenance records can be of real help during the preventive maintenance of assets. Pre-planned preventive maintenance schedules help to reduce duration and frequency of breakdowns and control downtime. 

Maintenance history allows better decision making ability

Complete and thorough history of maintenance procedures of every vehicle is available from CMMS. Details pertaining to duration and description of maintenance carried out, technician responsible, type of maintenance can be searched. Thus, CMMS is helpful in increasing the traceability of any maintenance related information. It is a valuable tool for informed decision making, for instance, preventive maintenance, vehicle or part replacement, etc.

Encourage participation and involvement of all teams

To make maintenance strategy fully effective, participation of every member of the team is vital. Drivers, maintenance technicians, sub-contractors, dispatchers, accountants, production operators, etc. play a significant role. Thus, it is important to have an easy to use CMMS tool that your industry started using already.

Innovation with Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 also known as the fourth industrial revolution is marked by the use of latest technologies in the industries such as logistics and transport, manufacturing, health, etc. CMMS brings automation in the maintenance process using IOT sensors.  Therefore, a CMMS tool that can adapt the new technologies can only ascertain the competitiveness and productivity of any company.

Reduced operational cost

With proper preventive maintenance strategies, the lifespan of your vehicles expands, as well as they operate with increased efficiency. A recent study has revealed that a properly maintained vehicle can increase fuel efficiency by 40%.

How DreamzCMMS can help in Fleet Maintenance

DreamzCMMS, assures for perfectly timed preventive maintenance. QR code and RFID based tracking helps to be aware of the position of vehicles within the fleet. 

A quick glance at the key features of DreamzCMMS

  • Fleet Asset inspection & compliance
  • Manual or Automatic Work Order
  • GPS & OBD 2 Sensor integration
  • Technician mobile app
  • Procurement Cycle
  • Inventory & Parts management
  • Comprehensive dashboard report
  • Nested & scheduled maintenance
  • Blockchain security

Thus, with all the above mentioned features DreamzCMMS is undeniably the most effective, customizable and intuitive CMMS tool to provide you with automated and GPS tracking integrated fleet maintenance system. To enjoy the benefits of the key features of DreamzCMMS call us today.


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