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CMMS: The simple and easy to use Preventive Maintenance Tool

Published On December 25, 2021     |     5 Min Read

Preventive maintenance DreamzCMMS

Every piece of equipment, device or asset undergoes constant wear and tear making them vulnerable to failure and reduced operational efficiency. Computerized maintenance management system’s (CMMS) inbuilt feature of Preventive Maintenance is a one stop solution to such unforeseen events. Preventive maintenance will not only reduce unplanned downtime and also increase the life span of your assets.

Some challenges industries face due to lack of Preventive Maintenance

  • Unforeseen downtime causing major productivity hit
  • Reduction in life of an equipment without planned maintenance
  • Reactive maintenance does not ensure health of an equipment 
  • Manual process of maintenance work request generation on an ad-hoc basis has lot of manual dependency and are error prone

Why is Preventive Maintenance important?

Preventive maintenance, also commonly termed as proactive maintenance, is designed to perform checks at regular intervals for signals of device failure that may lead to complete breakdown. PM comes as the handiest solution for the ever rising maintenance cost. It is always wise to invest in a timely maintenance program to ensure best performance rather  than to repeatedly suffer from machine breakdown or decreased productivity.

Types of Preventive Maintenance (PM) Tool

Preventive maintenance can be broadly classified into two types:

  • Time based PM: Here the maintenance is scheduled at regular intervals irrespective of the asset’s condition or usage. The age old proverb, “Prevention is better than cure” is the main aim behind this type of PM. Here the intervals could be like “after every 40 hours”.
  • Usage based PM: This PM depends upon the usage of the particular asset. For instance the mileage, or oil or lubrication consumed etc.

Thus, PM scheduling will be after.

  • Certain distance travels
  • Based on parameter meter readings 
  • etc.

In this case, the usage parameter could be Km travels, like “After every 500 Km” maintenance requests will trigger.

What do you need to implement a successful PM?

Here are the approaches that needs for a successful implementation of PM and they are:

Inspection: Timely inspection of devices and equipment will ensure whether they are safe for usage to avoid workplace injuries

Detection: Quick detection of faults with machines will ensure easy and inexpensive fixes

Correction: With a proactive approach, the managers can better handle crisis and correct problems even before they occur. This is an efficient way of handling operational shutdowns

Prevention: Correlating inspection notes and maintenance records will give a clear picture of asset maintenance history and proactively plan maintenance as required

An effective preventive maintenance plan can be defined based on the historical information of maintenance issues, the problems identified, root causes and solutions over a period of time. Experience of the maintenance managers and technicians contributes to the planning of preventive maintenance in addition to data based.

How can DreamzCMMS be your ultimate Preventive Maintenance tool?

  • PM module of DreamzCMMS will ensure increased productivity by scheduling PM and preventing breakdown
  • DreamzCMMS will maximize uptime and reduce maintenance cost
  • Using DreamzCMMS PM Tool you can take smart business decisions through maintenance reports leveraging effective PM
  • DreamzCMMS PM Tool is accessible from your smartphone giving you the power to work from anywhere anytime

Preventive maintenance module of DreamzCMMS ensures

  • Optimal maintenance planning
  • PM triggers and checklists
  • Enhances asset lifespan
  • Reduced untimely breakdowns
  • Time & Usage based maintenance

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