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How To Take Advantage of CMMS Reporting To Improve Your Operation

Published On November 14, 2023     |     5 Min Read

cmms reporting

Research indicates that the world creates almost 329 million terabytes of data every day. As new technologies, innovative uses, and the number of people using these applications expand, data creation should continue to grow exponentially.
In the business world, data-driven decisions can improve sales and marketing strategies, profits, and operational efficiency. Most companies understand the growing need to gather data for various purposes, but what good is having the information if you cannot use it effectively? CMMS reporting is an efficient method for utilizing data. It provides multiple tangible benefits you can use to enhance and streamline your business.

What Is CMMS Reporting?

Manual data collection, processing, and analysis are becoming a thing of the past. Having human workers be solely responsible for these tasks poses many potential problems, including:

  • Data entry errors
  • Security risks
  • Unmanageable amounts of data to process efficiently
  • Lack of real-time information
  • Financial loss through data leaks, inefficient inventory management and procurement, and labor hours spent compiling information

A computerized maintenance management system automates data gathering, improving accuracy and efficiency while ensuring consistency. Businesses across various industries can use these systems to manage inventories, assets, and more.

Using this centralized vital data, CMMS reporting can translate the information into easily accessible, actionable insights. While some reporting methods use only numbers, the DreamzCMMS reporting module presents crucial data in charts, tables, and other visual formats to make it easier to understand.

Why Does Data Visualization Matter?

The actual numbers involved in data can be hard to fathom. Let’s look at this example from Andrew Silverman, Microsoft architect. Suppose a dollar bill equals one byte of data. Stacking these bills, the height of one gigabyte would be almost 68 miles tall. A one-terabyte stack would equal 67,859 miles, which is more than ¼ of the distance to the moon.

Data is more straightforward to comprehend when arranged in familiar graphics you can hold in your mind. Data visualization has multiple benefits for businesses:

  • Making data presentation more memorable
  • Relating data quickly, allowing for better insights
  • Explaining individual components and datasets as a whole

Time is of the essence for many business decisions. The ability to quickly understand data at a glance through proper data visualization provides speed and likely enhances accuracy. DreamzCMMS has multiple options for visualizing data.

What Are CMMS Report Examples?

Companies have varying needs, and you may need customized reports. DreamzCMMS can provide those options, along with pre-established reports. Every report gives you vital, real-time insights and timely information that can help you improve your operation.

Asset Management

Companies need to keep accurate records of all assets. CMMS reporting can generate reports that show asset age, status, warranty expiration, current valuation, and more. This information lets you know ahead of time when you may need to renew warranties or purchase new equipment.

Inventory and Supplies

Companies can’t afford to run out of critical supplies and inventory, but they shouldn’t have funds tied up in excess, either. Keeping an optimal amount of inventory and supplies on hand can be challenging without CMMS reports showing:

  • Current stock
  • Low stock
  • Stock history
  • Spare parts

These reports enable data-driven purchasing decisions. You can accurately gauge when to order products so that you won’t pay extra for last-minute purchases. You can also minimize or eliminate employee downtime by ensuring you have everything they need to complete their work.

Maintenance Activities

Service companies that provide maintenance must keep track of a plethora of information. You need to plan and schedule routine and preventative maintenance, assign technicians to tasks and ensure they have the necessary parts, create and manage work orders, and keep detailed maintenance records. CMMS reporting gives you:

  • Work order count, list, status, and details
  • Employee hours and workforce tracking
  • Upcoming scheduled maintenance
  • Parts usage
  • Site summary

DreamzCMMS allows technicians to access maintenance histories through a robust mobile app, eliminating the need to make phone calls. Maintenance managers can see at a glance what schedules look like and reprioritize as needed.


Staying abreast of daily incidents is challenging, especially for larger companies. DreamzCMMS reports can advise you of real-time problems, requests, and changes.


Every business has a process for purchasing, receiving, and paying for supplies, inventory, and other assets. With CMMS reporting, authorized personnel can view:

  • Purchase request list and status
  • Quote receipts
  • Purchase order status
  • Parts received into inventory
  • Purchase transactions

Viewing real-time data allows you to ensure that your employees are following appropriate procedures, which parts you need, their order status, and how much you paid.

Can You Make Business Decisions Without Data?

Making sound business decisions requires more than anecdotal observations and intuition; it calls for clearly identifying goals and gathering relevant information. Data-driven decisions are more likely to have positive outcomes.

The data should be current, accurate, complete, and unbiased. Comprehensive, real-time reports arm decision-makers with invaluable insights into a company’s current strengths, weaknesses, workflows, and processes.

Utilizing the information in CMMS reports to make decisions based on data can:

  • >> Save money by:
  • Reducing the amount of time needed to gather information manually, resulting in fewer employee work hours
  • Keeping the proper amounts of inventory and supplies on hand
  • Streamlining work order handling
  • Reducing maintenance costs and the total cost of ownership
  • Lengthening equipment lifespan
  • >> Increase efficiency by:
  • Enabling off-site technicians to access maintenance records
  • Reducing equipment downtime
  • Automating many tasks and functions

You may sometimes need to make decisions on the spot, with little time for research. Fortunately, CMMS reporting is instantaneous, which can be critical.

How Can CMMS Reporting Improve Your Company?

DreamzCMMS is a robust management system that uses blockchain technology and an AI engine to empower your business. Unique features, such as RFID enablement, seamless IoT integration, and built-in video conferencing, set us apart from our competition. Whether you prefer cloud-based, on-premise implementation, or a combination, DreamzCMMS can customize a tailored solution for you.

To learn more about how CMMS reporting can improve your business, contact DreamzCMMS today. Ask questions, discuss pricing, or request a free demo by calling (800) 893-2964 or submitting our contact form.


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