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Getting Started With CMMS for Farming and Agriculture

Published On March 8, 2023     |     5 Min Read

cmms for farming and agriculture

Farming and agribusiness are evolving every day, and that means organizations in those fields need the tools to manage their companies and make sure they are in compliance with industry standards. Doing this manually takes a lot of time and resources, requiring dedicated staff members to keep track of equipment, personnel and other aspects of the operation. For a more efficient setup, companies should look at CMMS for farming and agriculture to overcome their management challenges.

Embracing CMMS for Farming and Agriculture

To understand the ways a CMMS can be a game changer for farmers and agricultural companies, it’s important to understand what this software is. A computerized maintenance management system is a suite of tools that can combine and automate your maintenance tracking and planning.
There are several areas where CMMS can make a big difference for any type of business:

  • Inventory of equipment: It’s simple to keep a log of all equipment that is brought into the company, including its cost, manufacturer and use guidelines so anyone can quickly reference information about a specific item.
  • Planned and unplanned maintenance: Your CMMS has tools to keep you up to date on the maintenance of your equipment and facility. Create a schedule for planned maintenance so your staff can be proactive in planning downtime with certain items and log unexpected repairs to make it easier to track potential problems with your tools.
  • Records for audits: Utilizing a CMMS is a great way to simplify record-keeping so it is easier to compile records for audits and regulatory agencies. By automating this, you free up your staff to work on other things.

These benefits apply to CMMS for farming and agriculture as well as for any other business, improving efficiency and allowing for growth and expansion.

Applying CMMS Tools in Farming

If you’re wondering how these principles translate more directly to farming and agriculture, it’s easy to see how CMMS benefits real-life situations that agribusiness leaders deal with. Moreover, since DreamzCMMS can customize your CMMS to your exact needs, you can have confidence that you’ll get everything your team needs.

Maximizing the Use of Equipment

With a well-organized CMMS system, farmers can keep track of all their equipment, from tractors and combines to irrigation systems and greenhouse equipment. Those items generally represent significant financial investments, so it is important that they are functional and operating at proper capacity.

On a farm, CMMS allows you to map out a maintenance schedule that corresponds to your production needs. For instance, it’s easier to see when a certain tractor is due for routine maintenance and what that tractor is used for most often. You can plan on the maintenance in an off-season when the farm staff is focused on other tasks and won’t miss having that particular tractor.

This leads to improved efficiency for the entire company. By having all maintenance information in one central location, workers can access the info they need more quickly, reducing downtime and maximizing equipment productivity.

Get Ahead of Problems

With a CMMS system, farmers can use data analysis to predict when equipment is likely to fail, allowing them to take proactive steps. Equipment that breaks down is not only harmful to production and revenue, but it can become a safety issue as well. Getting timely repairs and upgrades will reduce hazards on the job for farmhands and processors.

Using CMMS for farming and agriculture also allows you to plan out your capital budget. If you know that a tool is getting close to the end of its lifespan, you can account for its replacement in your company’s budget and start working on finding the best deal before you are under pressure to have a new item immediately.

Better Support Your Personnel

You can also add features to your CMMS that track and help your staff members. Log hours worked and other productivity metrics easily. This is another asset as you plan operations for the business, and it can also serve as an important regulatory tool. You will have a record of who in your company does what, and you can ensure anyone performing tasks that require special licensing or training is properly certified.

Features To Add to CMMS Solutions

A great feature of customizable CMMS for farms and agribusiness companies is the option to expand the system as you grow. Once your team is comfortable with using the system to streamline maintenance, you can explore new solutions to take your business to the next level.

Adding Internet of Things sensors to your solution can be a good way to automate your maintenance tracking even more. Instead of relying only on reports from staff, you can add sensors that monitor the condition and function of your equipment directly. These sensors communicate with the CMMS to generate warnings if an issue arises.

GPS tracking of equipment can also help you keep up with mileage on work vehicles, giving you an edge in planning routine repairs. Your maintenance software can make it easier to track the inventory of spare parts and vendors so you can improve your response to mechanical problems when they happen.

It’s also possible to assign tasks to workers with a CMMS for farming and agriculture. Choose a specific person to maintain any given piece of equipment, or assign someone to complete certain tasks for all the items in the fleet. Managers will have a simplified way to track the work getting done and keep everyone accountable.

Let CMMS for Farming and Agriculture Work for You

Innovation is key in every successful business and industry, and farming and agriculture are no exceptions. A CMMS for farming and agriculture can bring improved efficiency, cost savings and better management to any operation, allowing farmers to focus on their core business of growing crops and raising livestock. Getting started with the features you need can be simple thanks to the experts at DreamzCMMS. To start transforming the way you operate and preparing your business to hit the next level, schedule a demo today.



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