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How to Maintain Your Facility in Post-Pandemic Era

Published On April 6, 2022     |     5 Min Read

Facilities Maintenance in Post-Pendamic era

Breakout of SARS Covid-19 has changed maintenance operations entirely. In this blog, we would discuss various ways by which facilities maintenance has changed during the covid-19 pandemic period and also how the companies are coping up with the new normal.

How has the conventional office life changed in the post-pandemic era?

It is predicted that the traditional office environment would be declining and companies that would be hiring remote workers would not be investing in real estate and commercial leases anymore. 

Effective Communication is the biggest challenge while most of the employees are working remotely. Problems like sharing information within a team would arise if there is no face-to-face meeting held. Importance would be given to tools and technologies for enabling effective data sharing and communication. The present virtual mode of work culture necessitates that there should be a centralized repository to access work related documents and files in real-time.

Why is it even more important to maintain a SOP in facilities maintenance in the post-pandemic era? 

In facilities maintenance, it is important to maintain a SOP for both single-location facilities or a multiple-location company. Physical locations and employees are the considerable parameters to manage very seriously for the companies. Equipment and assets always needed a SOP. 

Various government agencies have released guidelines on disinfecting and cleansing facilities to prevent the spread of COVID-19 virus. Inspections have become much more critical than how it used to be in the pre-pandemic period. Companies must comply with the regulatory standards to ensure safety and also to avoid penalties or fines. 

In certain industrial sectors, routine tests for COVID-19 is mandatory for all the employees. Vaccination is compulsory in many companies so that the employees can come back and work in a traditional office environment. 

Overall, in the post- pandemic period the number of procedures to be documented, stored and followed has increased. 

How CMMS is helping to cope up with new approaches of facilities maintenance in the post-pandemic era?

CMMS have proved to be quite beneficial for companies as they have the features of sharing pertinent information on assets, facilities and equipment. They also help to customize views based on the role of an individual within the company. Technicians will only be required to access work orders while the members of the management team would accomplish other tasks. CMMS helps in accomplishing the following 11 tasks of facilities maintenance:

  • Generates advanced reports
  • Schedules preventive maintenance
  • Manages vendors
  • Helps in generating work orders
  • Assigns work orders
  • Manages inventory of parts
  • Tracks data of work orders
  • Orders required parts
  • Manages big projects
  • Tracks maintenance costs
  • Tracks asset history

By embracing the latest technologies, Facility Managers must work together with clients in order to improve the workplace experience and undertake health, and wellness initiatives

Smart technologies are accelerating almost every aspect of building automation. By leveraging the technologies, the day to day work of FM providers will get intelligent and more efficient. Various smart technologies are available to automate business parks, office spaces, shopping malls, apartment complexes, warehouses and other public spaces. With the help of these emerging technologies, facility managers have the potential to optimize their time on the job. In the they can create a better environment for facility occupants. 

Every asset or device within the building, such as lights, sensors, windows, HVAC units, doors and CCTV, having a unique identity and fully integrated into a network. Artificial Intelligence and IoT technologies can increase operational efficiency. It improves building management, by allowing to remotely monitor and control facilities.

Streamline all the facilities, equipment, procedures and people with an efficient maintenance management software like DreamzCMMS to ensure overall safety of your company.


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