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Document Management Made Easy With Mobile CMMS

Published On April 22, 2022     |     5 Min Read

Document management easier with CMMS

In case of maintenance, availability of  time and resources are always a challenge. This is a common problem that the maintenance professionals across organizations need to face. When a document management process is disorderly, the problems can be complicated even more and the overall performance of the team can be slowed down naturally.

For routine maintenance work, every day maintenance professionals need:

  • User manuals & Brochures
  • Checklist & Guidelines
  • Regulatory requirement evidence
  • Warranty documents
  • Proof of Completion
  • Historical Maintenance data
  • Pictures & Videos related to the Maintenance

All of these have to be managed in an orderly manner, chosen well and should be updated easily. Naturally, convenient document management is among the top priorities for any maintenance department. With better communication and appropriate data input, advanced level maintenance can be executed easily. With mobile CMMS, document management can be made easier.

How Mobile CMMS is useful in Document Management

Mobile CMMS helps the document management process of a company much more convenient by offering various advantages:

Organizing all documents

When documents are dissolved early and in disarrayed fashion, a lot of time and effort can be wasted in locating the right papers from the jumble. It can cost valuable business time and reduce performance and productivity of organizations.

With the help of a CMMS application, it is easier to organize and centralize documents for each of the Assets of the organization. Hence, the users can access the document instantly either from the web or from Mobile CMMS.

Affixing appropriate documents to every important equipment

With mobile CMMS applications, it is easier to attach PDF, Excel worksheets, Word documents or any other form of document to equipment or a spare accessory. Also, user can store important relevant Links and Notes along with the asset for ready access and reference.

When relevant documents are attached to important pieces of equipment, it is easier for workers to access user manuals and other details for reference. These documents helps in maintenance or repair work, as needed.

Also by using a CMMS, an organization can store some of the important documents like purchase details, warranty details, certificates etc.. These can be easily accessible and considerable as ready references in future.

Digitization of documents   

With the help of mobile CMMS applications, there can be a significant reduction in paper waste. Digital files and documents reduce the need for paper usage along with the cumbersome process of looking through the pile of papers. This saves time, effort and of course is an eco-friendly decision which is becoming more and more popular within the organizations.

Organizations can store the floor plan of every location or facility in CMMS. Tracking equipment using Floor Plan is one of the powerful features in CMMS. Users can add the floor plan of a facility and pinpoint the equipment location in the facility. On the move users can locate the equipment just by opening the floor plan from Mobile CMMS.

Records Maintenance documents

When a technician starts working on a work order, CMSS can help in various aspects. Every equipment has its own set of maintenance checklists. An user can attach the checklist in task format, as well as the pdf documents so that it guides technicians to perform exact tasks in accurate order. Technicians can update every task with effort  hours to enable the Managers to keep an account of the Task.

Also on completion of a Work Order, technicians can take photo and video recording if needed. He/she can record the customer feedback and signature using Mobile CMMS as a part of work order completion and closure process documentation. All these documents are easily accessible from mobile CMMS anytime. Also these documents and the maintenance history becomes a knowledge repository for the team to analyze equipment from various perspectives in future.

Enabling notifications

It is easy to enable notifications for any important document that is about to expire. This helps to avoid forgetting or ignoring vital tasks by chance or accidentally. Mobile CMMS stores every notification for the users for future reference.

24/7 access

This is undoubtedly one of the most important benefits of mobile CMMS applications. Users can get round the clock access to the data that is stored from anywhere, with the help of any mobile device from any location. This will enable the user to access any important documents from anywhere, anytime.


With a growing demand for faster and better production, the world of maintenance is also undergoing an evolution. Naturally, mobile CMMS applications from DreamzCMMS are a perfect fit with modern maintenance requirements. This brings flexibility, speed up operations, offer real-time data and manage to save a lot of time and effort improving Productivity.


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