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8 Reasons Why Facility Managers are choosing CMMS over Spreadsheets

Published On February 28, 2022     |     5 Min Read

Advantage of CMMS over Spreadsheet

The spreadsheets which are available in the market, those are having multiple powerful features to keep records. But in respect of latest evolution in business policies, Spreadsheets are not enough to get a business insight for decision making. Also in respect of operation automation, real time notification, sensor integrations, problem reporting etc., organizations bound to prefer CMMS over Spreadsheets.

How business policies have evolved over the past few decades?

There has been a dramatic change in the business management policies over the last decade. Computer technology based automated digital solutions are preferred over manual labor and traditional softwares. In the 1970s, the invention of spreadsheets was a milestone in the history of software as it shifted the work process from the traditional pen and paper approach to accounting management.

With continuous evolution of technologies, spreadsheets based processes and management got replaced with more efficient newly launched updated software. The new technologies have facilitated easy communication with the clients. All major industry sectors are shifting from traditional spreadsheets or paper-based processes to Computerized Maintenance Management Software (CMMS) for a better Asset Maintenance along with Inventory and Procurement management. A good CMMS also includes an Incident Management process that provides automated solutions for an issue life cycle. This sophisticated software provides the users with a wholesome idea about the operational procedure of the facilities and also provides information about a particular piece of equipment.

Facts to know about the capabilities & drawbacks of Spreadsheet before shifting to CMMS

A Spreadsheet can be created by using a computer program or simply can be created in a manual manner using papers. Computer programs like Lotus 1-2-3 and Microsoft Excel can be used to create a spreadsheet. Manipulation of data which are arranged in rows and columns can be done using the spreadsheet software. Irrespective of the format used, by using a spreadsheet you can deal with numerical data, short text strings and you can represent data relationships graphically. The price of the spreadsheet is quite low. You can arrange and organize basic information in the chart and list formats by using a spreadsheet. 

The drawbacks of using a spreadsheet are

  • Spreadsheets do not offer the option of structuring data.
  • Data items cannot be labelled by using a spreadsheet as accurately and as thoroughly as a database would do.
  • Spreadsheet doesn’t allow querying a particular database.
  • Complex jobs like managing assets and maintenance planning cannot be done using spreadsheets.
  • It is a manual labor intensive process and hence error prone
  • Minimal amount of automation can be achieved
  • There are data volume restrictions which defeats the purpose of automation and need for centralized data availability
  • Multiple spreadsheets to be maintained making the overall process cumbersome, time consuming and error prone

Why is Computerized Maintenance Management Software (CMMS) better than spreadsheets?

The CMMS system is much more robust. CMMS offers the facility of tracking work orders in business. This software generates reports with much accuracy. The assets requiring preventive maintenance and repairs can be determined by this software. CMMS is the best fit to make business projections as it can review operational data. The innovative features of CMMS are:

  • CMMS provides interfaces which are secure and cloud based
  • Provides centralized repository of Asset, Maintenance records and Parts 
  • CMMS can be accessed from any mobile devices 
  • For functioning, CMMS does not require paperwork that makes the job easier.

8 Benefits of using Computerized Maintenance Management Software (CMMS)

  • Facilities data is reliable – According to reports of 2006, IT related to software said that electronic spreadsheets can be erroneous up to 88% which was concluded after reviewing spreadsheets. Keying errors, incorrect arrangement of data, errors in assigning cells and errors in formula are some common errors seen in spreadsheets. CMMS checks data accurately, preventing such errors.
  • CMMS saves timeCMMS requires permission of users for data entry which restricts errors and makes the process of data entry easier. 
  • Mistakes get noticed – Mistakes get identified in the initial stage in CMMS as they use analytical formulae which are pre- programmed.
  • Detailed insight into asset history– You get instant insight into the history of assets in CMMS as it has reports which are already built-in. You can avail these features even if you do not have professional technical training.
  • Simplifies and automates Facilities Maintenance Reports: CMMS is user-friendly in generating reports like pie charts, bar diagrams, scatter diagrams, graphs etc.
  • Provides information on Facilities Management Metrics- CMMS can generate metrics in real time namely MTBR, MTBF, MTTR etc.
  • Improved facility functioningCMMS efficiently monitors labour utilization, work order creation and submission of part orders. 
  • Schedules Preventive ManagementCMMS facilitates managers by providing a checklist of tasks, creating routine schedules, creating reports and sending reminders and notifications.

Hence considering the above-mentioned benefits of using CMMS over spreadsheets, go for it to make your Asset Maintenance easier and accurate. DreamzCMMS is fully loaded with manifold benefits to add power to your business. Collaborate with us today to get the benefits.


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