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5 reasons why Business needs a CMMS

Published On December 12, 2021     |     5 Min Read

why use CMMS

CMMS is a maintenance management solution for the industries. Now, why does a business need a CMMS? If you have business and are planning to use CMMS, then you should ask yourself the following question to yourself or your team.

●   Does your business deal with several costly equipment?

●   Is there any maintenance schedule which is reliable?

●   Do you have the full track of supply parts inventory?

●  Did you use a software already to generate the real time status report about the work allocated to the technicians and their current status of work.

If you aren’t sure about any of the above stated questions, you should surely think about the need of a CMMS software for your business. Computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) is the most convenient and easy way for business enterprises to track maintenance schedules of equipment. Also to prioritize work orders, enhance inventory management, reduce downtime and repair costs, and many others , CMMS is the best option.

Reasons Why Business uses a CMMS?

Every Business dealing with machinery and equipment or the facilities where maintaining equipment is frequent and relies mainly on optimal performance needs a CMMS software. The basic signals that would help to identify the need of a CMMS are as follows:

1) Are you facing frequent equipment repair after a breakdown?

This can be the foremost sign that your business can benefit from CMMS. Unlike traditional reactive maintenance management, CMMS software will help get the inspection and corrective work done even before the machine fails. Thus, reducing downtime and increasing productivity.

2) Are you always on the lookout for parts during repair?

With CMMS software, you will always have access to information about spares and parts in your inventory. CMMS software will track what you are low on, making ordering parts efficient and easy.

3) Are you facing difficulty in tracking work orders and workflow?

Maintenance managers have a hard time tracking what technicians are doing and whether work orders are in queue. This is obvious if your business is still depending on paper records or spreadsheets. With a computerized maintenance management system, managers will have complete access to every aspect of maintenance. Questions like, “what are they working on?”, or “is this done?” will be a matter of the past.

4) Are you finding it hard to manage both the internal and external workforce?

You can now manage both internal and field workforces efficiently with great solutions of CMMS software. Renovation in field operations can be achieved by CMMS solutions like connectivity, mobility, augmented reality, blockchain etc.

5) Are you always worried about the safety protocols of the machines used?

With CMMS software in place, you can be rest assured of the optimum working condition of your assets. This is due to on time maintenance and safety measure management scheduled at regular intervals by the CMMS system.

Striking features of CMMS

●   All-inclusive work order management

●   Strong asset maintenance

●   MRO Inventory Management

●   Comprehensive preventive maintenance

●   Clear vision about reporting and asset performance

●   Audit vigilance

●   Cloud-based software

●   User access abilities

●   Portability and mobile access

Future is with CMMS

Businesses of all sizes will benefit from CMMS as they will find the right path to achieve maintenance and operation efficiency. CMMS systems are designed to fulfill the varied needs of different companies at present as well as in the future as they gradually grow and evolve. To know how DreamzCMMS can help your business outshine your competitors, contact us today.


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